Wednesday, 2 October 2013

The Clandestine Meeting

The Dame had contacted him again. She wanted to meet at someplace in a seedy part of town called "Wang Supper Club". What kind of bird wanted to meet in a seedy part of town late at night. Definitely not the respectable type. Our intrepid Super Sleuth thought that this could lead to one of two things trouble or to something naughtier, he hoped it was the later.
He wasn't even sure why he brought the briefcase with him. Maybe it was because he trusted no one with the files of his recent cases.

 Detective Roman Godde was her only lead on the incriminating evidence. She had thoroughly checked out his office when she had found the secret room in his office and had watched him pleasure himself. It was imperative that she found out what he knew. Arranging the meeting had been child's play. Detective Godde seemed almost eager to see her again. The location was not so simple..she needed some place no one would recognise her, that was relatively empty, and that their silence could be bought.
The streets were empty and the night hazy.
The coast looked clear
 He was in her sights sitting comfortably as she looked back over her shoulder to make sure that no one saw her entering the little supper club. As she entered he looked up wearily. She moved with a predatorial grace that instantly put him on his guard. He played it cool though.
Look at that rack and those lips...I bet they would feel really good on my....wait gotta keep a calm head.
The attempts to get him to talk were difficult at best. He seemed the quiet observant type watching her and studying her. She snapped her fingers and the lone bartender in the place responded quickly bringing in champagne which she hoped would loosen the good detectives tongue and make him more susceptible to her charms.
Damn, she was hot...look at those legs...but something was not right. She was asking alot of questions about recent cases, like she knew something.
He responded that he did not drink that stuff. She could see the way he looked at her though and she could see he was hungry for something a bit more carnal. Standing up she reached back undoing the clasp on her dress and let it slip free revealing her delicate black lingerie. She moved closer to him letting him get a good look.
If this didn't work then nothing would!
The waiter watched curiously from behind the wall watching the action. He knew it was time to leave but she was so damn hot he couldn't tear his faze from the deadly goddess. Just like the detective could not and his will faltered as his desire overwhelmed him. At that very moment she moved in to strike straddling his lap and kissing him. She slipped his jacket off his broad shoulders.
One kiss...wouldn't hurt to much now would it?
It was getting hot in here and they could both feel it. She had a mission but it seemed to melt away. Ever since she had watched him in his office she had wanted to try him out. The pulsing of his cock through his white trousers ignited her wet heat and she ground her slippery pussy against his pulse through her sheer black panties.
Her scent was overwhelming, mingled with her took away his defences,
She turned presenting her luscious backside to him as she reached to unhook her brassiere. He leaned into her inhaling her intoxicating scent. It was all over any resistance he had was now gown as he stripped off his pants and they moved to the nearby couch.
Her fingers ran along his throbbing length as it pulsed eagerly pushing out droplet after fat droplet of precum. "Suck it" he commanded. He had gone from withdrawn leery detective to commanding alpha male in 5 seconds flat. She crawled in between his muscular thighs.
Her mouth watered tasting him.
It was time for him to taste her. He had been thinking about her sweet musky flavor for over a week now. It had been ages since he had wanted anything more. She was like a feather in his arms as he lifted her off the couch and carried her to the bar laying her out like a feast. Climbing inbetwixt her silky thighs that is exactly what he did, feasted on her slippery charms.
Tongue fuck me harder! Lap it all up!
Seconds passed into moments, moments into minutes, and it was not long for this world before she exploded all over his tongue. Then the predator came back out and she stalked her prey ready to be filled and inflamed.
She quickly impaled herself on his hot prick. Her eyes rolled back in her head as her moans and groans mingled with his echoing off the old brick and stucco walls. The bar quaked with their undulating bodies.
Yes! Take it all! Every inch!
They were both soaked with the mingling of her juices and his precum. She bounced on his cock her hot tight little arse bouncing off his muscular thighs. He grabbed her waist helping her impale herself on him. It was getting to be to much. They both were reaching their peak.
They both collapsed on the bar in a sweaty pile of spasming flesh. Detective Godde relaxed seeming to slip into a slumber. It was only a minute or two that she rested against his chest and then her mind was awhirl. What had she done? This was not suppose to happen like this. Checking quickly to make sure that he was out she slipped from atop his lap leaving him. It took her a few moments to gather up her belongings, stuff them into the briefcase, and wiggle back into her dress and make for the door. She hoped that she could learn more about what he might know from the files in the briefcase.
It was easy to walk away with a cool head and your freedom was on the line.
He lay contentedly on the hard wood bar.
There had to be something in his files that would lead her to the incriminating photos of her most recent crime. Her third husband, now late husband, had died under mysterious circumstances. Though not before someone, another private investigator, had passed photos along of her poisoning his morning coffee. What was it with her and detectives she thought to herself as she left. The tangled web she was weaving was getting ready to ensnare new prey, even before the rigor mortis had set in on the old.
Would our Super Sleuth become the Black Widows next victim? Will she find the evidence she seeks and flee to safety? Will their fiery dangerous passion continue to draw them together? Will Stay Tuned...

Models: Roman Godde & Belle Godde
Extra: Tristyn Angelus
Location: The Chamber
Photographer: Lexie Jansma

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