Thursday, 31 October 2013



Photograper: Shuougun
Models: Be & Shuougun

Halloween Horror Nights: Ghost Diaries The Final Chapter

Rachel, Hunter, and Mels snuck off upstairs for a bit of fun on their own. They found a bedroom that looked like it would do. On the way there Rachel lost her gown somewhere on the stairs as she was stripped by her two companions to reveal her voluptuous curves. There was definitely a wild time in store for the threesome!

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

The Death and her Angel

The Death and her Angel

The Death was walking and suddenly he met her Angel
he walked tough her and took her under her arm wrapping her close to him

Don't you just love the sea....

Elroy won my services at the Pink Ribbon Ball. He has a couple of ideas of what he'd like to do with a Hoobs Hottie, so here is what I came up with.

The Wager

Starring Rachel Swallows, Elroy Click, Shuougun and Rocco.
Shot at Pinks Club & WickeD CreativE StudioS
Photography & Set build by Rachel Swallows.

A quiet night at Pinks when a stranger walks in. The bored blonde stripper looks him over as he takes a seat and swaggers down from the stage to stand before him. She meets his eye a slightly uninterested smile crossing her lips as she tries to pull up some enthusiasm after a long night on the pole. 'Good evening Sir and welcome to Pinks' she says as she moves closer, the dim lights washing over her long lean body.

'Good Evening girl' he replies as his dark eyes rove over pale body. She can see greed in his eyes and something else, something that makes her slightly uneasy as he takes out his wallet and pulls out a couple of bills, leaning forward and tucking them into the top of one of her silk stockings 'Lets see you dance then honey' he says and her eyes widen slightly as she glimpses for a moment the contents of his wallet and the flash of platinum cards.

Monday, 28 October 2013

Old pictures of an Old Friend :)



                                                               Softness .....
Enjoy Love Be xoxox

Halloween Horror Nights: Ghost Diaries III

The ghost bride stood almost peacefully among the corpses littering the living room. Then she heard the sounds coming from other places. This incensed her and she had to debate with herself about which pest problem to take care of next. The dining room was nearest and she began to float in that direction ready to take care of things there. Things were steaming up in the dining room as Temptress and Kain were left to entertain one another. They were totally absorbed in one another.

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Shuougun meets Be.....

First of all thank you so much for adding me as
a wicked creation photographer :)
Proudly i show these pictures i made with
Shuougun  & Be.... 



Hello to all,
i am so  honoured to give my little contribute to this Blog and i will try to  give always my best
here my first post hope you will like it
bye to all until next post

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Halloween Horror Nights: Ghost Diaries II

The party was REALLY just getting started as the group split up and began to go their own way. Rob and Be barely made it into the living room with Moonie and Shu close behind them. Shu pinned Moonie up against the door and slid his hand up her little cheer skirt. Be was a hungry little demoness and she didn't waste anytime pulling off Rob's loin cloth and sliding to her knees to devour his hot fat prick down her throat.

Saturday, 19 October 2013

New at Rachel Swalllows

After Dark

3 colour pack of latex bodysuits
Black, Red & Pink
Tango and Phat Azz Appliers
Mesh Bulge

Night Out

3 colour pack

Mesh Babydoll Dress

Friday, 18 October 2013

Bewbstock Exclusive Items

Rachel Swallows Creations
WickeD CreativE PoseS

Imaginative and Cool Poses for Girls with big Bewbies.

Exclusive to Bewbstock
7 poses in a mic and stand, comes with little stage and spotlight

Halloween Horror Night: Ghost Diaries

A group of 9 fresh faced teenage college students had been lured to a spooky old house with the promise of a wild party, alcohol, and a real good time by their illustrious hosts. It told them to arrive in costume on All Hallows Eve. The group did not have a whole lot else planned and decided why the hell not you are only young once. They arrived en mass at the appointed rival time and made their way through the rickety old gate and up to the drab house with its scary gargoyle statues and old fashioned hearse setting outside of it.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Hot Construction Site

There were much better things to do then come into work on a Saturday. Especially when it was a gorgeous day out 98 degrees perfect for hitting the beach. Especially when you had been invited to a BBQ by that bartender you nearly hooked up with last weekend, boy did she make his cock ache. What a tease. Especially when you were the only one coming in. Hoobs had to though because his foreman couldn't be there and they were way behind schedule. A date with that fucking sexy red head of a wife he said. Well...fuck him...and his wife to. Wait...that is not a half bad idea only if she liked the blue collar type. The foreman wasn't the type to get his hands dirty, all talk no action.
Another day...another dollar...

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

The Clandestine Meeting

The Dame had contacted him again. She wanted to meet at someplace in a seedy part of town called "Wang Supper Club". What kind of bird wanted to meet in a seedy part of town late at night. Definitely not the respectable type. Our intrepid Super Sleuth thought that this could lead to one of two things trouble or to something naughtier, he hoped it was the later.
He wasn't even sure why he brought the briefcase with him. Maybe it was because he trusted no one with the files of his recent cases.