Monday, 23 September 2013

Boot Boy

It was a stormy night when they met, a slave boy and his mistress. Thunder flash, lightening crashed, it seemed to reflect the storm brewing in the air between them. The hard wood floor and the cold stone walls gave a chilly feel to the room. Neither of them felt the chill though. It was all smouldering heat between the pairing. He worshipped her boots and in turn her. They were hypnotic holding his attention wherever she went. She in turned teased them and kept him in her thrall with glimpses of tall leggy leather. He kneeled before her dressed only in leather pants ready for whatever might happen this eve.
 It did not take long though before he was stripped of his leather and made to kneel at his place of worship.

Saturday, 14 September 2013

American Princess

Ms. Rachel Swallows was a spoiled little daddies girl who had it all. The big fancy house where she lived with mommy and daddy. Designer clothes stuffed her closest, not just one closet, but three. An outrageously expensive and lavish car for her 16th birthday. She never had to work a day in her life, unlike her two bodyguards, who had to follow her everywhere. They were all part of her entourage. Rachel had been feeling stressed and needed to get away. She decided to get away to a tropical location alone, she usually got her way, not today. Her daddy insisted she take her bodyguards to protect her from those unsavory types. They were all to happy to accompany little Ms. Swallows on her vacay.
Now that she is 18 this little American Princess is gonna get what is coming to her....

Friday, 13 September 2013

Cosplay Specials

Planning on some Cosplay this weekend?

Come along and see some of the cute outfits I have in store for just such an event.

25 Linden Special this weekend.

Swallows Harness in Brown Leather

New in store this week

At Your Service


(includes mesh bulge)

Float My Boat

(includes mesh bulge)

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

The Dame

She walked into the joint casing the place. What was a classy married dame doing in a place like this? There was no way that she looked like she belonged. Not with that sweet face or those warm brown chocolate eyes. So what had caused her to cross over to the wrong side of the tracks? Had her family left her penniless and destitute? Had someone done her wrong? Did it even really matter...I mean here she was in this little place ready to whatever it took to get her man.
Does the pretty little dame dare go through with save her husband...and their lives...

Monday, 9 September 2013

Hot Harem Honey

The sand rippled across the hot Sahara and he still just sat there in his black suit watching, the foreigner. Drawn to the exotic land for was the forbidden and hidden exotic fruits that held him captive. She was like a breath of fresh summer's air as the hot harem honey wandered into his private quarters. Her movement was pure grace as the heat shimmered around her appearing as if slipping from a hazy mirage.
The hot harem honey sat propped on a nearby pillow waiting for his command.

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Super Sleuth

It was just another day at the office for our super sleuth Roman. Another case closed, time to sit, relax, and drink. A new case on the horizon. Just the other day a new brunette bird had stopped into his office. She seemed to be casin' the place but what did he know.
There was a lot on Roman's mind right now. Nothing had seemed to go right on his last case.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Not such a Princess

Model Fleur Visage

Photography & Set Build Rachel Swallows

Pose by WickeD CreativE StudioS

Tattoo by Rachel Swallows Creations


Model Rocco

Photographer: Rachel Swallows.

Location: WickeD CreativE StudioS

Blow Smoke

Model and Photographer
Rachel Swallows
WickeD CreativE StudioS
Poses by
Wet Cat available at The 24 event
Lillesand Bed by Warm Animations.

Bond T-Girl

Model Vii Oryl

Photographer Rachel Swallows

Poses by Wicked Creative Poses

Wicked Creative Studios


Model: Trysten

Photographer: Rachel Swallows

Set Build: Rachel Swallows

WickeD CreativE StuidoS

Logan O'Leary

Model Logan O'Leary

Photographer: Rachel Swallows

Wicked Creative Studios

Pleasure Spa

Lunedor Oryl and Rachel Swallows

Location: Swallows & Silvercloud Pleasure Spa

Photographer: Rachel Swallows

Wicked Creative Studios.

Deep Heat

Starring Dominic Dawes & Rachel Swallows
Photographer: Rachel Swallows.
Location: Swallows and Silvercloud Sex Spa
WickeD CreativE Studios
Furniture: Massage Table and Bed 'Warm Animations'

When Mr Dawes came to visit Swallows & Silvercloud Sex Spa, Rachel gave him the complete tour and a sample of the treatments on offer.