Thursday, 21 November 2013

The Ice Cream Man

It was a sultry summer day when Hottie Maria was looking for a little bit of temptation to cool her down. The haze over the city trapped the heat in and made the pavement bake. Then the familiar jingle could be heard in the distance! It was the Ice Cream Man come to save the day!

 Maria stepped out on the stoop and her face light up as she heard saw the ice cream truck coming straight towards her apartment. She was ready for a triple scoop to cool her down.
Oh goodie! This is just what I needed to cool me down today.
The Ice Cream Man drove along looking for any helpless lass in need of his goodies. He was looking forward to getting his cone licked till it melted all over leaving a sticky mess.
Here comes the ice cream man!
He pulled up to the curb in high fashion and Maria got near the truck ordering a triple scoop on a cone. The Ice Cream Man gave her a dirty little smile as he scooped up the ice cream studying her figure intently. She was a fine little girl well developed. Those breasts were begging to be played with nearly bursting out of her shirt. Her skirt was so short you could see nearly everything.
Dang this summer heat the cone was already melting! Better eat it quick.
It was sweltering and the ice cream was melting so fast. Maria really couldn't keep up with it. Her pink little tongue was going a mile a minute lapping up the drips. It was getting the poor horny ice cream man excited. The drips were flowing down the cone. Maria's tongue was twirling about it to try and catch each tasty drip. His cock grows in his white trousers and he has to release it.
Here little girl...I got something you can lick!
Maria looked up from her scoop where she had been chasing an errant scoop of strawberry that had slipped down her arm. She looked up spotting the ice cream man with his cock out of his fly. Biting her lip she took time looking back and forth between the two tasty treats. One would cool her down the other would heat her up even more. The quiver between her thighs and the desire she felt flooding her thighs was to much. She tossed the cone over her shoulder where it went splat on the sidewalk and climbed into the truck with the ice cream man who was busy removing his trousers. Maria quickly fell to her knees and devoured the hot horny hunky ice cream man's throbbing cone.
His cone was even tastier then the ice cream cone she was just lapping!
She licked, lapped, slurped, and swirled her tongue about the length of his cone. He couldn't help himself taking a hold of her sexy pigtails and freely fucking her face. The ice cream man was leaking all over the place most of it falling into her ample cleavage as stuffed her face with his hot cock. He was impatient and needed to have a taste of hers and stood her up tearing her panties off.
Who knew you could have so much fun in an ice cream truck. Her hot sticky little puss tasted better then any ice cream she had ever had before. He eagerly dived in tongue first lapping up all she had to offer. From her sweet little bud to her throbbing little scoop as it reared up throbbing hot and hard. She seemed to melt on his tongue wriggling her bottom hotly.
It looks like the ice cream man is enjoying himself!
He flooded her till it leaked out around his hot thick shaft.
The Ice Cream man was eager to shove his cone into her as he was nearly ready to explode. He lifted her up and she wrapped her arms around his neck as she nearly hung out of the window. Every inch slid smoothly deep into her slick tight sheath as she stretched around him. He had never felt anything so tight in all his years of delivering Ice Cream. His firm grip on her luscious little arse allowed him to bounce her up and down on his throbbing prick till he exploded deep inside of her. The ice cream man's cream running out of her wet little hole and down his cock. He was not done yet by far and continued to pound Maria.
He quickly pressed her up against the wall impaling her from behind!
She tried to press closer to the cooler to find some comfort from the sweltering heat that tore through her silken frame.
It was getting so hot in the truck even with the freezers back there that he had to open up the back door. That did not stop the pair from continuing their frantic pace as they rutted into one another. His hands slid from the luscious scoops on her chest down to her waist yanking her tight little pussy back on the length of his cock.
That is it take every last bit! Don't miss even an inch you little HOTTIE!
Her legs were getting weak and Maria was not sure she could stand any longer. She did not want the good dicking she was getting to end. The ice cream man pinned her down on all 4's and slid his aching prick back into her tight little fuck hole ramming her deep. His hips picking up speed as he jack hammered her. Scooting her across the floor of the truck so her head was nearly banging against the cooler. She had to kneel up gripping the edge of the counter.
They had both worked up a good sweat and stepped outside of the ice cream truck to take a quick break. Even there though with the simmering summer air on them he pushed Maria up against the side of the truck and began to take her from behind. For her part Maria did not seem to mind one bit.
She eagerly pushed her sexy little pussy back on him. Her heart shaped arse on display. The winking little flower between them pulsing with each of his thrusts.
Damn, the truck is hot! The fucking is hot enough to melt the ice cream!
The temptation was to great for the ice cream man. He licked his thumb and pushed it into Maria's star opening up her arse and working it in deep. This pushed her into a frenzy as she squirmed on his hot thick dick milking it with her walls. She went through the roof and begged for the ice cream man to fill up her slutty little arse. She needed it so bad. He directed her back to the back of the truck once more.
Filling her with every inch of his cone till she has it all!
The ice cream man spit down on her tight winking star a few times working it into her sweet little arse before he lined his cock up with the little bud. He spread her hot cheeks wider and began to push sinking inch by inch into her sweet little derrier feeling the clingy fresh spreading around his hot shaft. She could barely hold herself up she felt him slipping deeper and deeper and deeper. It was driving her to distraction. Her pussy was creaming from the anal violation of her back door.
Oh GOD! Can't hold back here it cums! Delivering Ice Cream to the hot little girl!
The ice cream mans legs began to quiver as he pummeled her arse. He stretched out on the floor of the truck and lifted her up and impaled her hot tight little rear again. She bounced up and down on his hot cock as he gripped her waist. Maria's breasts easily following the motion. The tingle in his balls was to much and he exploded deep in her once again loading her with his cream. So much so it was leaking out of her leaving her dripping his fuck cream from both her sloppy little holes.

Models: Maria Amor & New Wicked Creative Model BrentFordson
Location: Wicked Creative Studios
Photographer: Lexie Jansma

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