Monday, 9 September 2013

Hot Harem Honey

The sand rippled across the hot Sahara and he still just sat there in his black suit watching, the foreigner. Drawn to the exotic land for was the forbidden and hidden exotic fruits that held him captive. She was like a breath of fresh summer's air as the hot harem honey wandered into his private quarters. Her movement was pure grace as the heat shimmered around her appearing as if slipping from a hazy mirage.
The hot harem honey sat propped on a nearby pillow waiting for his command.
He directed her to lay on the nearby bed and relax while he finished up some pressing matters.
He placed his hand over the speaker of the phone and motioned for her to take her top off. The foreigner wanted to have something to distract him from the monotony of business.
She stretched out luxuriously on the bed like a sleek panther enjoying the heat across her skin.
When he was done with his call he motioned for her to lay out on the carpet in the middle of the room. The warm air kept the place comfortable for the nearly nude harem hottie.
The foreigner sat and watched the exotic beauty for what seemed like ages. Her pendulous breasts seemed to quiver with every breath she took. The gold piercings shimmering in the dry desert heat.It was not long though before he asked her to slip from the sheer white panties and expose herself to his roving lecherous gaze.
Her supple thighs parted giving him a peak of her silky pink charms...
Was he just going to sit there and watch? This was all very strange, but it felt so good...
She couldn't help was to hot being watched...made to do such things before a complete stranger. The pleasure rippled through her spine and caused her to jolt upright.
He watched her almost like a statue slowly smoking his cigar as she succumbed to her heated desires. Her fingers invading her own sticky depths as they brushed the ridged upper wall. Her palm and fingers delving deep as she ground her throbbing little pearl against her palm.
She doubled over in pleasure gripping the rug.
She was doubled over in pleasure as she heard the dull thud. The vibrator rolled into view in her peripheral. Grabbing it up she laid back on the rug and switching it on she began to use it on her slippery slit buzzing her throbbing little clit ever so often.
This was what she needed...what she be filled...the vibrations shooting along her spine.
God she was gorgeous stretched out there exotic and beautiful all his for the taking. He admired his prize.
Let him watch if that is all he wanted to do...she was to far gone to give a damn what the strange foreigner who sat and stared at her wanted from her. She needed to cum...badly...and now.
She was not sure how much more she could take...
She doubled up in pleasure...
 He watched the orgasm ripple through her body claiming her in it's intense grip. Then and only then did he stub his cigarette out and make a move to join her in anyway.

Models: Rachel Swallows & Elyk Miami
Location: Wicked Creative Studios
Photographer: Lexie Jansma
Tattoo: Rachel Swallow Creations (RSC)- Circle of Life

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