Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Halloween Horror Nights: Ghost Diaries II

The party was REALLY just getting started as the group split up and began to go their own way. Rob and Be barely made it into the living room with Moonie and Shu close behind them. Shu pinned Moonie up against the door and slid his hand up her little cheer skirt. Be was a hungry little demoness and she didn't waste anytime pulling off Rob's loin cloth and sliding to her knees to devour his hot fat prick down her throat.

They could not wait for the action to get started!
She licked and lapped at every inch and slid the rock solid shaft deep into her throat feeling it bulge her throat. Their panting moans were the only thing echoing in the room as lust over took them. Wherever the rest of the crazy college kids were it was sure that they were doing something very similar.
Moonie quickly lost her skirt and couldn't get enough of Shu's lips, tongue, and fingers on her!
It was time to repay the favour and attend to the ladies. Shu laid Moonie out on the couch while Rob knelt between Be's supple thighs. They each got a mouthful of breast. If they had been paying more attention or cared more they may have noticed their spectral host arriving. If lust was not clouding their judgement they may have noticed the shift in the room. If fiery passion was not pumping through their veins they may have felt the cold snap that pervaded the living room.
The time for foreplay was it was time to get down to business. Side by side on the couch they went at one another. Moonie got a good mouthful of Shu while Be satisfied her lust by riding on Rob's thick leaking cock as he rammed it deep into her tight little pussy repeatedly jack hammering her. Be's titties bounced with wild abandoned as she lost herself in a fuck frenzy. The heat rolling off the couples was like a furnace combating the cold. As the groups other host appeared to listen to her husband's ghostly cantata.
The haunting melody was drowned out by other sounds.
Things were starting to get hot wet and sticky. It was only a matter of time.
The action was getting hotter and sloppier. Cum was dripping from Be as Moonie slobbered all over Shu's knob. Everyone was so lost in the symphony of fucking they did not notice the haunting melody beneath it. It was masked by the grunts, the groans, the moans, the ass thumping, wet squish sex sounds. They climbed higher and higher towards bliss.
Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves immensely.
However it seemed that their host were getting a bit agitated at being ignored and having their music interrupted. As things shifted and got even more heated Moonie got herself some dick shoved deep into her tight little cunt stretching her just like she needed it. The ghost bride was left alone to watch them. Her hatred going the air crackled with energy as she seethed.
Shu needed to feel his cock buried in Moonie just as much as she needed his rock hard prick stuffed inside her.
Moonie was nearly cross eye'd with pleasure.
Orgasm overwhelmed them all. The intensity of their fucking surrounded them and the room wreaked with the scent of hot sweaty sex. The moaning and groaning echoed off the walls as both women were impaled on hard throbbing, thrusting, horny cocks. The temperature seemed to drop even further in the room. The shuddering went unnoticed lost in the haze of an intense orgasm. All hell was about to break loose.
Poor poor Shu was the first to feel the wrath of the ghost bride as she played with her pray.
They were all caught unaware as the ghost bride materialised out of no where surprising them all with her appearance. Everyone was able to run and escape except poor Shu. He was caught by an unseen force lifted up into the air and battered and bashed by ghostly hands. Twisted and broken until the life drained from his body and then tossed aside as the bride took her vengeance on the hot college teens. The night was early and the party was just starting for the haunting party hosts!
The ghost bride hovered off the ground floating towards the escaping threesome. Rob managed to make it out the door before it flew shut in the faces of the terrified women and they were lifted off their feet shrieking in terror. Cast apart butcher knifes materialised lopping off Moonies head and burying itself in the door. Her head rolled away behind the nearby stove. Be felt the blade biting into her back moments later as she watched her good friend loose her head. She tried to scramble for the steps and warn everyone. She never made it though as she bled out.
Blood was everywhere. It even seeped beneath the door towards Rob as he ran away.
Looking about at her handy work she was pleased with the carnage, but she was not done! There had been one little Indian who thought he had escaped. She floated past the cooling corpses soon to join her husband in her in the undead afterlife. The door was nothing as she vaporised through it and came out the other side catching the naked little Indian running away.
Impaled through the heart.
Empty socketed orbs stared up at her work. There were no lips to spread into a smile, but if a skeletal ghost could smile she would be. It was time to take care of the rest of those meddling kids.

Would any of them live to see the light of day? Would Halloween claim all their lives? Would the ghost groom and bride ever be at peace? Come back and find out as we open the Ghost Diaries for another exciting and sexy entry.

Models: Temptress Fhang, Shuougun, Moonie, Texasrob, Sweetmelons, Rachel Swallows, Bewitched Difference, Hunter Rose, & Kain.
Location: Wicked Creative Studios
Photographer: Lexie Jansma
Furniture Provided by: !! Follow Us !!
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