Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Hot Construction Site

There were much better things to do then come into work on a Saturday. Especially when it was a gorgeous day out 98 degrees perfect for hitting the beach. Especially when you had been invited to a BBQ by that bartender you nearly hooked up with last weekend, boy did she make his cock ache. What a tease. Especially when you were the only one coming in. Hoobs had to though because his foreman couldn't be there and they were way behind schedule. A date with that fucking sexy red head of a wife he said. Well...fuck him...and his wife to. Wait...that is not a half bad idea only if she liked the blue collar type. The foreman wasn't the type to get his hands dirty, all talk no action.
Another day...another dollar...
It was time to get in there and get caught up. He got out of his truck and put his tool belt on and his hard hat and made his way into the construction site. Thoughts of hot bikini clad women invading his mind. Images popping up of the foreman's rich...expensive looking wife distracting him. Poor Hoobs had not gotten off since before the cock tease bartender. He had to get his head in the game. He made his way into the office.
What was it about that damn red head? The forbidden fruit of fucking the bosses wife? The fact she was higher up the food chain? It wasn't easy to figure out.
He sat behind the bosses desk and looked at the long list of all the crap he had to accomplish today. Today was going to be a very long day and if he did not get his head in the came he was gonna have to come back tomorrow. Hoobs quickly headed out off the office and got to work.
Day dreaming again about that hotty cock tease bartender. I could be bending her over a picnic table right now.
Atleast he was not bothered today. He could work at his own pace. On the other time it allowed for his mind to wander. Despite his best efforts he could feel his cock swelling in his denim jeans. Of all the days to go commando this was not the best one. Hoobs was feeling pent-up. After he finished on the ground level he made his way up the girder to the second level to continue to work. It was getting hotter as the afternoon creeped on.
Damn it's hot...gotta take my wife beater off and get some sun to.
He looked out over the city as he worked. Hoobs loved being up this high you could see for miles. Just then he remembered he forgot to grab some cabling he needed. Shit, he thought to himself. He was gonna have to climb back down and grab it or he couldn't finish up this task and move to the next.
What are those things sticking out from under that pallet?
Hoob's happened to catch a glimpse of something out of the corner of his eye. He leaned in to get a closer peak. What could it be...
PORNO!!! Hell yeah, just what a horny guy needs.
He spread out one of the magazines on a nearby barrel. Hoob's couldn't stand it any longer the thought of the bartender, the foreman's wife, the porn it was way to much. Relief had to be sought for
his hard aching pulsing fat cock before he exploded.
Stroking his hard cock was better then nothing at this point!
It was time to get comfortable, strip off these to tight jeans, and get out of the line of site in case someone for some unknown reason came onto the site for some reason.
He was already leaking it had been way to long...
Damn that red head all tied up in the photo...that is EXACTLY what he wanted to do with that rich bitch of a wife of his foreman's. Tie her up and fuck her six ways till Sunday so she was so sore she couldn't even walk for the next week. Hoob's bet that she had never taken a pounding like he was prepared to give her. His cock was lubing itself up just from the though. She was going to leak cum from every hole when he got done with her. Hoob's imagination was running wild. He didn't need the magazine no more. He just laid back and let his wild imagination run wild.
Oh god...oh fuck...it feels so good! Can't...hold...BACK!!!
He exploded all over his muscular abs. Hoob's wished it was pumping deeply down her throat. damn that would feel so damn good feeling her gag on his head as she swallowed his seed down into ehr belly. Two fist fulls of those red locks pumping into her face.
Still oozing dick leak...no way to hide what just happened.
Just as he sat up covered in his cum as it dripped down his abs there SHE was. Standing below him looking up at his hard dripping cock. The porn magazine discarded on the ground. He colored red as he looked down on her.
On one hand he was ashamed at being caught wacking off at the job site...on the other it was fucking hot being caught by the object of his most recent fantasy. She looked good down there so ready for the plucking. All he had to do was reach out and pluck her. There was one small little problem...
That rock on her finger
Do you take the chance and try to seduce the bosses wife...

Models: Hoobdiddy, Lexie Jansma
Location: Wicked Creative Studios
Photographer: Lexie Jansma

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