Wednesday, 28 August 2013

The SL Chatterbox.: Take me to Boobieland pt. 2

The SL Chatterbox.: Take me to Boobieland pt. 2: Part 2 of the Boobieland hunt takes us to Luckie , and  Wicked Creative . *Read my first post and information post about the hunt Here!...

Monday, 26 August 2013

The 24 ~ Home, Fashion & Poses

The 24 opened this week and I've been blogging for a few of the designers.

Mainly Poses of which I've had some great ones and a few clothes and pieces of furniture.

Heres a selection of the sets Ive been posting on my Flikr.

Home Movies

Shot this set using these cool poses with a camera prop from SAAL Body Inc, they are an exclusive item at The 24 and come in male and female sets. Fun to use especially for us photographers.

Games Night with the Porn Stars

This great fun set of furniture is the Gatcha Prizes by Warm Animations, great theme..

SAAL  Body Inc

More fun Gatcha Prizes this time from SAAL, there are loads of studio type props to win as well as male and female poses. The dress is another blog item i was sent by Massom 'Cella Gown' a really elegant mesh dress with lovely detailing and tango appliers. The shoes are by BSD Design Studio another 24 exclusive.

Blow Smoke

I uses Wet Cat Poses for this set that i did in my retro paper back book style. Nicely made poses that suited my style. The bed is by Warm Animations and my outfit is one from my store.

Queen of Hearts

This is another set of poses and props by Wet Cat, they suited this outfit that I made for The Alice in Boobieland Hunt, that starts next week.

Grtz to my sister Lexie for all her hard work on The 24, shes done an amazing job as always.

There are some great pieces for sale in the home section of the show, lots of special additions that will only be available at The 24.

Follow Us


Follow Us




Atelier Visconti


Moulin Rouge one of the party sets

 LivGlam Fashion Show

Lexie asked me to make a set for the LivGlam fashion show and i built this Grand Hall, I was inspired by the English Country Estates that my parent took me around as a kid, Tatton Hall and Lyme Hall to mention just a few, it made a great back drop to the glamorous dresses.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Bball Boy

It was early on a warm summer day when Jack Frost decided to hit the courts to work off a little steam. He had been pent-up for awhile now. No outlet for all the excess energy coursing through his body. It was only a matter of time before it exploded out of him some way, best to be on the court.
Taking it to the line!

Free Gift at Chest Treasures Mall

Free Gift

Rachel Swallows Creations

at Chest Treasures Mall

Chest Treasure Mall

Devoted to Busty Ladies

The lovely Mr Solidx owner of the mall and a dear friend.

Monday, 19 August 2013

Cyomer at The Hotel California

It was a little run down joint far outside of town in no wheresville. A local watering hole. It was late when the well dressed stranger walked in looking for a cheap thrill...a little action. The place was empty though, not a soul for miles it seemed. What was a guy on the prowl and looking for something to wet his whistle suppose to do?

Does the jukebox even work anymore?

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Anita Dark: Rachel Swallows Exhibition

Anita Dark: Rachel Swallows Exhibition: Lorenz, Tiffany and me got to Rachel Swallows exhibition tonight at The Arts Music Exchange. Its the opening night of this sophisticated adu...

Friday, 16 August 2013



Starring Nakuru Bergamasco & Falcon Greywing

Photographer Rachel  Swallows

Location: Wicked Creative Studios & Gallery

Set build Rix Spyker

Poses by Wicked Creative Poses. 

Jet Ghost

Jet Ghost