Wednesday, 20 November 2013

French Lesson with Mademoiselle Swallows

Un garçon naughtly

There is always one naughty boy that has to stay after class, Tristyn was one such boy. Mademoiselle Swallows found him infuriating and after the last incident behind the bike sheds with that little slut Susie, she was determined to drill some discipline into the 17 year boy."Now Tristyn, you understand why I have kept you behind today?" she asks him, her voice deep and husky with that sexy french accent that drove the other teachers mad at *Stuls High School for Delinquent Teenagers* . "Yes Miss Swallows, I shouldn't put my hands on the girls tits without asking first", he muttered under his breath, his eyes locked on his teachers huge breasts under the peak of his cap. 

 Professeur chaud

He could not help himself and his hand crept under the desk and started to rub his cock, a bulge filling his shorts as she stood in front of him, those huge mammeries quivering as she lectured him, and those long willowy legs that seemed to go on forever till they reached that generous wobbling backside. She was so damn hot. He was suddenly brought to his senses again as she raised her voice "Tristyn! now pay attention and come over to the board. I want you to write on it the polite way to ask a young lady if you may fondle her breasts" He got up and shuffled over to the board, trying to hide his hard-on with his jacket. His breathing started to become labored as she got close to him, her perfume intoxicating. 

Oh mon dieu ces seins

"Now Tristyn, lets try it in English first' she stands expectantly looking at him with those come to bed eyes and he stammers nervously "Hey slut let me grope those huge jugs". She shakes her head impatiently "oh mon dieu, not so, not so. You would say 'Please may I fondle your delicious breasts pretty lady' a girl always responds to flattery so much better jeune homme" 

Heures de cours

She steps closer to him, her ripe mounds just inches from his nose as she towers over him in her killer heels. "Now try it in french for me" she says as she places a hand on his muscular shoulder, her nails digging in his flesh through the rough wool of his blazer and he swallows nervously. "S'il vous plaît permettez-moi de caresser vos seins délicieux jolie dame" 
"Très bon, très bon Tristyn" she smiles and draws him closer, his nose almost buried in the valley of her tits,
 " Oui jeune homme vous peut toucher mes seins" she whispers huskily and it takes him a moment to translate in his head what she has just said, then his eyes widden and he grasps those big huge boobs in both hands, getting ready for a slap if he got it wrong.

Oh j'aime cours de français

He kneads those mountainous globs of flesh drooling, his cock almost bursting from his shorts as he presses the bulge into Miss Swallows stomach, leaning in to slobber in her cleavage as she curls her fingers in his cap and presses his handsome young face closer. "Now mon petit see if you can translate this" she smiles lustily as she reaches down and grabbing the waist band of his shorts pulls them down to his ankles. "Sors ta bite, je tiens à le sucer"

Souffler leçon d'emploi

With that she drops to her knees and wraps her fingers around his cock as it stands to attention. Dipping her head to enfold the throbbing tip with her soft pouty lips she circles the thick meat with her hot tongue lapping at the precum that has oozed in his excitement.
It is all to much for him and with a thrust that pushes his thick young fuckpole almost down her throat, he cums in a thick burst of creamy juvenile jiz, flooding her mouth with his seed till it drips from her greedily sucking lips to glisten on her heaving chest.

 Beaucoup de délicieux cum

After swallowing down his massive load, she licks her lips and looks up at him "I am sure you have much more cum to give mon petit" she whispers as she squeezes his ball sack then grabs his trembling cock and strokes it, quickly bringing him back to hardness "now come here and fuck me you vilain garçon" She sways over to the desk and bends over the chair, ripe peachy bum thrust upwards invitingly.
He kicks his shorts off from around his ankles and almost runs to get behind her, standing on a pile of books to get his cock in line with that gorgeous pink wet pussy and plunges balls deep inside her.

Baise-moi jusqu'à ce que je crie

He trusts away with enthusiasm, his fit healthy young body full of vigor as he spreads that fine french pussy, his balls slapping against her clit, till her her fingers dig in the chair and she throws back her head howling and orgasms, her velvet walls gripping his dick like a mantrap or should we say boytrap. " Doux Sainte Mère de Dieu!" she squeals as her pussy juices flow like a river. "Now i want to ride you like the young étalon you are" she moans, pulling away from him and almost throwing him across the desk.

Montez que le pénis

She straddles his body with her honey colored thighs spread wide, and teases the tip of his throbbing cock with her dripping slutty cunt, before plunging herself down on him, impaling her puss with his young eager meat. Those long long legs bunch and she rides him like a bitch in heat, his thick dick slamming into her cervix.


It only takes a few more thrusts and he cant hold on any longer, he cries out, his voice breaking and echoing in the classroom as he pulls from her and shoots a stream of cum over her quivering backside, lathering her in it, like the icing on top of a french fancy.


After catching his breath, he grins down at her dripping body, smiling as he sees how much thick cum he has squirted over her arse cheeks and back. "Miss Swallows you are a very very bad slut and you need to be punished" he chuckles and grabs her hand pulling her off the desk to the chair in the corner of the room. He throws her over his knee, her arse cheek wobbling and holding her down he raises his hand "Are you a bad slut Miss Swallows?" he asks her as she looks over her shoulder at him, eyes dark as pits as she growls "I am a very very bad slut Mon Petit, but a very good teacher" and with that she digs her fingers in his calf and tenses in anticipation.

 Sale pute

He brings the palm of his hand own across those lush arse cheeks, the slaps ringing out in the classroom as she writhes on his knees, her huge tits swinging as she moans in pleasure. The sting of each spank making her clit pulse and it only takes four or five hard spanks before shes cuming again in a flood, pussy dripping wetly with her honey."Oh mon dieu foutu!" she cries "S'il vous plaît, plus plus"
He pulls her up and throws her over the back of the chair, continuing to punish that irresistible backside till it glows bright red and she has cum over and over.


" Maître Tristyn vous obtenez le maximum de points" she mumbles as finally exhausted, they both collapse on the chair. "Mmmm I do so like to do well at my lessons?" he chuckles "Yes Mon Petit you do" she laughs "But you are going to get detention every night"

La Fin

Story & Photographs by Rachel Swallows

 Models Tristyn Angelus and Rachel

Desk and Blackboard by Danika Designs

Spank and Cum Markings for Phat Azz by Rachel Swallows Creations.

My thanks to Google Translate for the French and my apologies if I fucked it up..hehe!
Models are depicted as being over the age of sexual consent


  1. Wow...what a story....even tho I don't read French! Awesome work Ms Swallows....great images.

  2. Your work is tremendous, Mademoiselle Swallows....