Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Elroy won my services at the Pink Ribbon Ball. He has a couple of ideas of what he'd like to do with a Hoobs Hottie, so here is what I came up with.

The Wager

Starring Rachel Swallows, Elroy Click, Shuougun and Rocco.
Shot at Pinks Club & WickeD CreativE StudioS
Photography & Set build by Rachel Swallows.

A quiet night at Pinks when a stranger walks in. The bored blonde stripper looks him over as he takes a seat and swaggers down from the stage to stand before him. She meets his eye a slightly uninterested smile crossing her lips as she tries to pull up some enthusiasm after a long night on the pole. 'Good evening Sir and welcome to Pinks' she says as she moves closer, the dim lights washing over her long lean body.

'Good Evening girl' he replies as his dark eyes rove over pale body. She can see greed in his eyes and something else, something that makes her slightly uneasy as he takes out his wallet and pulls out a couple of bills, leaning forward and tucking them into the top of one of her silk stockings 'Lets see you dance then honey' he says and her eyes widen slightly as she glimpses for a moment the contents of his wallet and the flash of platinum cards.

She dances with a little more enthusiasm at the thought of making enough money to pay the rent tonight. Until he eventually pulls her into his lap. 'I have a proposition for you young lady' he grins up at her 'how would you like to make more money tomorrow than you've made all month?'
She looks him in the eye suspiciously 'and what exactly would I have to do?'
'Well think of it as a wager, you look strong and athletic, its more a physical challenge' he replies, something dark and twisted flickering in his eyes as he pulls her into his lap, his large hands roving over her pert bottom.

She can feel the muscles rippling under his suit as he pulls her closer, almost whispering in her ear. 'We go to the woods, me, you and a couple of my friends. We give you a head start of 20 minutes, if you can evade us for an hour after that, you win $50,000, if we catch you, you pay a forfeit' at this last word he reaches up and pinches her nipple hard through the thin lace of her bra, twisting the sensitive nub of flesh, making her squirm slightly in his lap.
She thinks for a moment, she knows she is fit, she works out at the Gym every morning, an hour doesn't seem long to stay ahead of them and damn that was a lot of money. 'Ok we have a deal' she says. 'Then I shall see you tomorrow Girl, meet me outside the club at 7am' and with that he pushes her from his lap and walks from the club with just one look over his shoulder at her as he leaves.

7.30am finds the Girl shivering slightly on her knees looking up at the three men. She was bundled into the back of a truck and driven to the woods. After being pulled from the back seat, she was stripped of everything but her underwear and shoes. 
She looks up at them, now very uncertain about what she has let herself in for after feeling their rough big hands mauling her body as they stripped her.

The Players

*Elroy* the ring leader.



Rocco smirks down at her 'Time to run Girl' he sneers a cruel look in his eyes as he rubs at his cock through his jeans. They back off and go sit in the truck, laughing between themselves as she takes in her surroundings for a minute. The woods look quiet and peaceful in the early morning light, birds singing, the sounds of small animals moving in the undergrowth. With a deep breath, she sets of at a dead run, picking up speed as she plans to put as much space between her and the three men as she possibly can before they set after her.
After 10 minutes of sprinting through the trees, she can no longer hear or see them and stops for a moment before catching her breath, taking in her surroundings. She doesn't know the area well, only having taking a few leisurely hikes through the forest on one or two occasions. Best thing to do she thinks is to find a hiding place, somewhere to wait them out. She starts off again, this time at a slower pace as she looks for somewhere to conceal herself.

Suddenly she feels the ground sink beneath her feet and she stumbles. 'What the fuck!' she cries out as she struggles and realizes shes stepped into a bog. The thick mud sucks at her legs and she finds herself sinking deeper. She flails around trying to grab at tree roots that are just out of reach when, with fear, she hears something. She strains to look behind her and can make out movement in the trees ' Shit!' they have found her'

Her struggles only succeed in sinking her deeper into the quagmire and within minutes she is surrounded by the three men. They gather around her and laugh at her as she tries desperately to free herself.

The cold slimy mixture of mud and sand soon oozes up to her breasts and still they stand there laughing at her evilly. 'Please help me out' she cries, scared now that they are just going to leave her there.Eventually Shu seems to take pity on her and reaches down, grabs her arms and pulls her free, but before she can even thank him for saving her, he throws her over his shoulder and starts to walk briskly through the woods followed by the other two men.

 She glimpses a barn through the trees and they break into a clearing where the tall blond unceremoniously dumps her down on a ragged old rug, 
They gather around her and start to pull off her wet underwear, gnarled hands crawling over her curves. She shudders and struggles to break free, fear making her heart race.
'So little slut, time to pay the forfeit' the ring leader Elroy says, laughing as he throws her over onto her knees as if she was a toy.

She trembles as she sees them all rip off their jeans, thick cocks springing free. Elroy grabs her backside and spreads her trembling arse cheeks, spitting down between them and rubbing the head of his thick black cock over the star of her anus. Meanwhile Shu grabs a handful of her blonde hair and pulls his mouth open roughly with his other hand, thrusting the head of his meat between her lips. She gags as the fat girth of it stretches her mouth wide, but without pity he rams forward with his hips and plunges his prick right into her throat. She gags and her breath whistles through her nose as her mouth floods with saliva, tears welling in her eyes as suddenly sharp pain floods her body as Elroy thrusts forward, burying his cock deep into her tightness. The delicate skin almost tearing as his massive cock fills her hole, she squirms, but there is no escape from the meat filling her arse hole and mouth, all she can do is tremble, breasts heaving as the two men use her body as a fuck toy, Rocco looking on, stroking his thick veiny meat.

Drool spills from her lips as Shu pulls back for a moment letting her take in a few shuddering desperate breaths, whilst Elroy pumps vigorously balls deep into her clenching arse hole. 'That's it girl, get sucking, we've heard that's what your good at' Rocco laughs, stroking his cock as he watches the others uses her soft body.

'Come on Boss give me a turn' he growls at Elroy, hungry to feel those soft lips wrapped around his fuckpole. Elroy roughly pulls his cock from her and drags her up on her knees, 'Suck his cock like your life depended on it Girl' he grins, 'which it well might'.

Shu grabs her from behind and stuffs his cock in her gaping button, holding her in place as Elroy and Rocco take turns at stuffing their cocks in her mouth till spit and precum dribbles down her chin and glistens on her huge breasts.

'I want to feel how wet that cunt is' Shu snarls, 'time to fill all those slutty holes' they pull her back down, Rocco grabbing her and impaling her arse with his dick, Shu straddling Roccos thighs to plunder her pussy and to finish her off Elroy grabs handfuls of blonde hair and buries his cock once more in her throat. All she can do is writhe beneath their weight, every hole full to capacity, her cunt oozes her juices, fear, lust, excitement and pain, coursing through her body in surges.

They use her like a toy, taking turns to dip their rock hard cocks in every one of her now willing holes. Sucking on their cocks, tasting her own cunt and arse juices, her body shivering in dark twisted pleasure at their abuse of her, till they cum almost in unison, flooding all her orifices with their thick seed.

Cum dripping from her holes, belly full of seed, they pick her up and laughing, throw her in with the pig that has looked on bemused by whats gone on in his usually peaceful. home. Rocco picks her up and throws her over the back of the swine, putting his boot on her backside, holding her in place as they gather around her, cocks semi hard as they catch their breath.

 'Don't think we are finished with you yet Girl' Elroy grins as he starts to stroke his cock back to hardness, smirking at her wet, sticky filthy body as she squirms on the pigs back.

'Mmmm I am all ready to take that sweet arse again' smirks Rocco and grabs a handful of ripe tit, squeezing it cruelly as he mounts her again, shoving his cock deep into her bruised anus as the other laugh at his eagerness, pulling on their dicks as the pig squeals in alarm.

'Here, let me show you how to treat a dirty slut like this' says Elroy and pulls Rocco from her, shoving her down in the dirty straw, and ramming once more into her arse, using his thick cock to punish her.

They just cant get enough of using that over ripe body, and take her over and over. Passing her around from one to the other, till her pussy and arse sing in delicious pain. 

She cries and sobs in pleasure and fear, losing count of how many times her womb has erupted in orgasm, her pale body covered in cum and dirt.

They finally decide she has paid almost in full and drag her too her knees once more before them. Taking their cocks, glistening with her juices, pulling at their meat. 'You loved every minute of it didn't you girl' Elroy grins down at her. 'Mmmm  yes I did' she whispers hoarsely, 'please feed me one last time' cupping her huge sticky breasts and opening her mouth, she greedily drinks down the fountains of cum as they jerk off over her face and tits one last time. 

'Well maybe we haven't quite finished with you yet' Elroy grins as she grabs her and forces her into a small abandoned pen, padlocking the door. 'Wait! you cant leave me here!' She screams, kicking at the door, eyes wide with fear. 'We enjoyed you too much girl, we will be back tomorrow, best get some rest'

The End

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