Thursday, 14 November 2013

Lexie's Fuck-It List

Do you have a list of things you want to accomplish before your time in this world ends? Perhaps a Bucket List like sky diving, climb the Himalayas, or deep sea dive. What about a Fuck-It List? The fantasy's you want to live out. The things that turn you on late at night. Your deepest darkest fantasies that make you explode when you think about them. I will be exploring the Fuck-It List's of some of the famous and not so famous porn stars in Second Life. Without further ado...I present my own Fuck-It List.

My my my Mr.Delivery Guy what a big package you have!
Give the delivery guy an extra special tip for delivering his package!
Models: Tristyn Angelus & Lexie Jansma

Praying at the Alter
Have sex in a church.
Models: Trysten & Lexie Jansma

Go go go Speed Racer! Cum cum cum Wolf!
Sex in a corvette with the top down while it is being driven.
Models: Wolf (Draven Starflare) & Lexie Jansma

He shoots! She Scores! And the Crowd Went Wild!
Sex at a sporting event when the stands are full.
Models: Hunter Rose & Lexie Jansma

Confessing my sins! I have been a very naughty nun!
Sex as a nun! (Lord I maybe going to hell for this one)
Models: Trysten & Lexie Jansma

Conjuring up a sex demon has it's advantages! 2 cocks REALLY are better then one!
Sex with a demon! (Yes I have a demon fetish and I am probably going to hell for this one to. Atleast I go with a smile on my face)
Models: Tristyn Angelus & Lexie Jansma

Is that a big pink bat you are holding sir or are you just happy to see me?
Sex with a porn star.
Models: Finn Miller, Rachel Swallows, Ayara Pink Illios, & Lexie Jansma

Did not get very far with the ironing.
Sex on the top of a washer while it is in the spin cycle. (See I am a domestic diva!)
Models: Wolf (Draven Starflare) & Lexie Jansma

Maybe no one will notice?
Sex on a crowded subway car where he slips his cock out of his fly and slides it up under my skirt pushing my panties to the side.
Models: Shuougun & Lexie Jansma

Red Tag Sale in the dressing room! Panties 100% off!
Sex in a dressing room of a department store while it is busy.
Models: Christoff1111 & Lexie Jansma

Special Thanks Goes out to my throng of extras! Without you some of these photos wouldnt even be possible!

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