Monday, 28 October 2013

Halloween Horror Nights: Ghost Diaries III

The ghost bride stood almost peacefully among the corpses littering the living room. Then she heard the sounds coming from other places. This incensed her and she had to debate with herself about which pest problem to take care of next. The dining room was nearest and she began to float in that direction ready to take care of things there. Things were steaming up in the dining room as Temptress and Kain were left to entertain one another. They were totally absorbed in one another.

He diddled her clit till she nearly crawled out of her skin and was gasping for breath.
Kain pressed Temptress against the wall near the empty fireplace teasing her swollen little pussy with his thick talented fingers. It was only a few moments before she was soaked. He played his lips over her neck teasing her to greater heights. They were oblivious of the spooks around them watching them.
His precum was flying everywhere sticky and hot. He shot so much cream down her throat it leaked out down her chin.
Temptress decided it was high time that she teased Kain back and quickly sunk to her knees before him. She quickly gobbled his cock down to the base burying her nose against his pubes and her chin against his balls. Her neck bulged with his thick cock as it was buried in her throat. He seemed to really like the way she sucked his hot fat cock. He kept grabbing onto her hot red locks and fucking her face. She held her mouth open hungry for all his hot sticky prejizz.
Kain could not stand it any longer and lifting Temptress up he bent her forward and rammed every rock solid hard inch deep into her hot horny little snatch stretching it open. Her slammed her forward till she was pressing her cheek against the wall. He yanked on her voluptuous hips ramming her deep. She squirmed on his thick prick her moan and his mingling together to mask and drown out any other noises taking place in the house. Temptress was loud when she got turned on. She reached back clawing at his thighs wanting more of that fat dick stuffing her horny cunt.
He kept pounding as she wrapped her long legs around him as he jack hammered her across the table. Her breasts bouncing.
Kain cleared the table with one swipe of his arm. Temptress pushed him back on the table and climbed up in between his muscular thighs. She once again devoured her favorite new toy deep throating all of the hot thick throbbing dick till there was nothing left outside of her mouth. Her hungry cock sucking lips stretched thinly around his jaw breaking cock. Kain had to be buried back in and pressed her down onto the table and rammed deep into her. Neither of them felt the eery presence or the cool draft that pervaded the room. He was so intent on pile driving every inch of his shaft deep into her slutty, sloppy, slippery fuck hole.
He forced every inch of his cock as deep as he could get it into her hot velvety arse.
The ghost bride approached the table just as Kain exploded deep inside of the hungry little red head.
This continued for a little while they shook the table with their constant pounding. Kain had to have more. He twisted her around on his cock keeping it buried in her as he pressed her to the table. Pulling his shaft from her sticky slit he cock whipped her arse cheeks till they were sticky and red before he rammed it deep into her tight bum causing Temptress to cry out in pleasure pain. He held her in place and jack hammered her tight silky arse nearly collapsing the table.
They were like puppets pulled up by their strings. The ghost bride sent Temptress hurtling through the air slamming the door and trapping Kain by himself. She smashed him and bashed him against the walls. Floating above the table as he screamed in terror at the forces that controlled him. His screams quickly died out as a blade buried itself in his back and the last few moments were spent as he slumped to the table life draining from his eyes.
She hovered over him crackling with energy as she watched him bleed all over the old floor boards.
Temptress thought she was going to escape. She was not so lucky as she saw all the corpses around her. The ghost groom came at her lifting her and carrying her out where her funeral pyre waited. She screamed from help from anyone tears streaking down her face at the loss of her friends. Rob imapled on a pike nearby as the first licked and sizzled her flesh. The skeletal smile on the ghost grooms face was her last sight as she blacked out the pain to much and the flames engulfed her.
There were only 3 left...Would they make it out alive? The body count was rising and it seemed that the ghost were winning. There was always someone who made it out..some innocent ingenue who survived and managed to outwit the lost ghouls that prayed upon them. It was only a matter of time before this haunted diary came to a close. Stay tuned for the last and final edition of Ghost Diary's.

Models: Temptress Fhang, Shuougun, Moonie, Texasrob, Sweetmelons, Rachel Swallows, Bewitched Difference, Hunter Rose, & Kain.
Location: Wicked Creative Studios
Photographer: Lexie Jansma
Furniture Provided by: !! Follow Us !!
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