Saturday, 16 November 2013

WickeD CreativE People Spotlight

Solidx of Chest Treasures Mall

Photographer Rachel Swallows ~ Models Solidx and Bewitched Differance.

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing Solidx of Chest Treasures mall as he worked in his office. Such a lovely sexy guy and a pleasure to have as a friend.

Rachel: So Sol what gave you the idea of starting a Mall for Busty creators?
Solidx: It was quite funny as a matter of fact, everything started back in March when I decided to build a place for me to be able to showcase my creations having my own store inworld. Of course I wanted my store to be busy with traffic so I decided to build a few satellite shops for any creators interested in renting them. After 2 weeks of advertising and spreading the word out I had only managed to rent one shop, so things were not really doing great,in the mean time I had my friends coming to help out by tping over at my store for a few mins a day in hope that traffic would increase (which I want to thank them from here). I will not be naming names but through out my adventure in SL I use to hang out regularly at places where the majority of the women had prim breasts ( I'm a guy that likes a woman having big breasts LOL), so these women where my friends I hanged out with most of my time in SL. So From time to time we had chats about how popular the new lola tangos where and how everyone loves them. So the idea came from there. I decided to build a boobie friendly mall beneath my store in hope that will increase my traffic, so in one week I did all the construction work and textures to the mall, then started sending private invitations out to shop owners that might be interested in renting a shop from me. That was the Start of Chest Treasures.
When I decided to build the first mall back in March I had a lot of help from an old friend of mine Minima, the moment I told her about my plan she started showing me places to give me ideas of what a mall needs to work she also helped me with finding the right name for the mall, she also use to leave me to do lists and later she would check on the progress lol . Also I want Desiree Loxely she had been of great support to me through most of my SL adventure especially when I decided to own a shopping mall. As for the beach it's still all in my head hopefully will start on that very soon

Rachel: How many units are there and who did the building?

Solidx: There are about 70 units offering 5 different options going from 10 prims to 450 prims allowance, but I keep my options open depending on what the request is and I built the Mall.

Rachel: Tell me about the beach, will it be adult, will there be a club, djs, live music?

Solidx: The beach will be adult yes and my friend Rachel Swallows :) came up with a name in seconds when I mentioned the beach to her and I'm really considering using that name "BOSOM BAY", it will be part of chest treasures and will have a club having live dj's and also live music yes, I also wish to built a catwalk some place on the beach next to the sea for designers who want to organize fashion shows. Hopefully works on it commence soon enough.

Rachel: Will you have special events at the mall?

Solidx: We will be organizing special events,the idea would be to have shop owners preparing nice gifts to be giving out on the night while having a 4 hour party Inside the mall itself or down by the beach.
Rachel: Tell me a  little about yourself, besides you being sexy, handsome and charming.

Solidx: :The first time I heard about SL was on the 12th of November 2011 while watching a documentary on cable tv, I remember that an hour later I went to my PC and created my account and so my SL adventure started.  I see myself as friendly and very outgoing, I enjoy a good chat, love meeting and making new friends, I drive myself in everything that I do, I love challenges and keeping myself busy. I also build stuff from time to time, I am very committed when I put my head on something. I like exploring, dancing or going for a ride with one of my boats when get a chance, also building or creating something but mostly enjoying the company of my close friends.

The plans for the future looks great for chest treasures a dear and close friend of mine Candy will be working on promotions and hunts making Chest Treasures a more fun place for everyone to visit, hopefully the beach will be ready soon so we can enjoy summer all year round clubbing swimming or just enjoying the beach with our friends and as for me I will continue to enjoy my time in Second life creating and exploring new things with friends
Rachel: Its been a pleasure talking to you Solid, I wish you every luck in the future and cant wait to visit the beach and club.

Solidx: Thanks Rachel. Hugs and Kisses.

Merchants at Chest Treasures Mall.

01) Stacked!
02) BooBee Trap
03) Fulana's
04) PatchWork Heart
05) Tits Up
06) [trs]
07) blondeQueen Shapes
08) Tam's Trousseau
09) NewtiQue
10) Candi's Cuties & co
11) Ellette
12) Pink Sugah
13) Purple Candy
14) Imajica G-Spot
15) D&G Fashions
16) Rachel Swallows Creations
17) Moda Mia
18) DEE Designs
19) Whis Designs
20) Gatherings Designs
21) Spanked
22) Sage
23) Que Bella! 
24) Luna Designs
25) Laney's
26) Blink2Wink
27) Nixel Designs
28) Abby's Angel Fashions
29) DRBC
30) Busty Boutique
31) PB Designs
32) Puffy!
33) Mountain Tops
34) AVD
35) iBooBs
36) Pink Princess
37) Trinite
38) Sjaja
39) Trouble Wear
40) Shame Me Designs
41) Ravnous: Ravnous
42) 1Hundred
43) Amberlicious Designs
44) Aris Aris
45) Bailey's Bare Essentials
46) BAS Designs
47) Dethly Productions Tattoos
48) Fashions 4 Flirts
49) GWC
50) Hello Titty Lola Tango Clothing
51) Janes Addictions
52) PixyStix
53) Sensual Skins By Luna
54) Porn Factor
55) Pure Class
56) Sweet Revenge
57) Tameless
58) Tiny Things
59) Tw@tty C@ke
60) Vooh Designs
61) Aqua Kisses
62) Whimsy's Closet
63) Angeldust
64) B.Barbie
65) Kennedy's
66) Sha Boutique
67) Luna Designs


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  3. Thank you Rachel for the interview and for the great pictures ;)