Friday, 18 October 2013

Halloween Horror Night: Ghost Diaries

A group of 9 fresh faced teenage college students had been lured to a spooky old house with the promise of a wild party, alcohol, and a real good time by their illustrious hosts. It told them to arrive in costume on All Hallows Eve. The group did not have a whole lot else planned and decided why the hell not you are only young once. They arrived en mass at the appointed rival time and made their way through the rickety old gate and up to the drab house with its scary gargoyle statues and old fashioned hearse setting outside of it.

Meet the victim....I mean party attendees.
Each selected for tonight's special get together.
The group of friends who go way back the scarlet vixen Temptress who was the bewitching witch. Shuougun the handsome blonde surfer boy all ready to put out your fire with his house. Moonie the slutty blonde zombie cheerleader on the prowl for her next protein meal. Texasrob was the oldest and showed off his rippling football player physique as an Indian. Babydoll decided to show up for the party equipped to kick some ass and packing a little extra beneath her skirt was Sweetmelons. The queen of the night Rachel was here to teach the dark mistress herself Elvira how it was done. Is there a doctor in the house the handsome doctor Hunter is ready to meet all your out patient needs. Be decided to take a darker twist and show up in barely nothing but some wings and some horns what a tempting and naughty demon. Finally Kain the homicidal maniac was ready with his mighty machete to take care of any issues that might pop up.
This party was going to be a scream!
Someone had gone all out for the party and decorated. The college kids were excited as they knew this was gonna be a fun night to remember. They made their way indoors to let the party begin. In the back of their minds they wondered when they would meet their hosts. The invitation had said to go on in and enjoy the house as it had been fully set-up with naughty activities, good food, and most importantly lots of alcohol!
The minutes they got in the host Rob went for the piano and began to play. Moonie climbed atop the piano and began to tap her foot. The whole gang looked to be having a good time laughing and joking hanging out. A heavy air of college angst hung in the air fueling the sexual tension.
The party was started but no hosts in sight.
Mels and Kain crashed on the couch and it seemed that he had a little bit much to drink and so did she as she started making out with him through his hockey mask. Temptress watched on bemused by the scene as Hunter slouched in a chair taking it all in sipping his drink. The trio by the piano were having a good time. Moonie could feel the vibration of the piano through her thin little cheer skirt and it got her excited. Rob smiled as he could smell it from where he sat. "Gonna leave a wet spot hmmm Moonie" he teased the blonde girl. Rachel gave a wicked laugh as her gossamer gown swayed over her voluptuous curves.
Shu and Be sat behind the couch playing with the Ouija board and joking around. They had been close friends for a long time. When they had gotten to college they had tried to be a had not worked for either of them. They went their separate ways but remained good friends. As time wore on they all wondered when their hosts would show up. They decided to move into the dining room and grab something to gnosh on and take off the edge from all the booze they were drinking.
The sexual tension was rising it was palpable in the room.
Some of them sat at the nearby table. Others stood around snacking on the provided ghoulish themed snacks and chatting the night away. There were darting glances here and there wondering who was going to hook up with who. Everyone was sizing everyone else up. A few of them had been better together but tonight was different. It was a magical time where all acts disappeared the next day when the mask came off so why not give in to a little sin and debauchery, let loose for one night.
They all seemed oblivious to the mess they had gotten themselves into as they were thinking more with their hormones and less with their brains.
Had they not been so wrapped up in themselves maybe they would have noticed the odd happenings going on around them. The spirits of the ancient home were emerging and making themselves known. Maybe they just were not in tune enough to see. Either way the flirting was getting hotter and heavier.
Will anyone survive the night?
As the party wore on the group started dividing up and exploring the house. Hunter, Mels, and Rachel wandered up the creaking steps to explore the second floor and see what they could find. Be and Rob hit the living room intent on checking out how many ways they could use the furniture. Moonie didn't even make it all the way into the living room before Shu had her pressed up against the door. That left Temptress all alone in the dining room with a homicidal maniac Kain. It was time to take this party to the next level.

Who were their hosts? Why had they not made an appearance? When would they show up? Stay tuned for all the hot action...

Models: Temptress Fhang, Shuougun, Moonie, Texasrob, Sweetmelons, Rachel Swallows, Bewitched Difference, Hunter Rose, & Kain.
Location: Wicked Creative Studios
Photographer: Lexie Jansma
Furniture Provided by: !! Follow Us !!
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