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Wicked Creative started out as my own personal blog, after a while I asked my sister Lexie if she wanted to post on there too as she had just got into erotic photography. Since then a couple of other photographers have joined us and now we want to expand.

So, could this be you?

A talented photographer who wants to do more than just porn, to tell a story and paint a picture with your camera. To work with quality models, designers and writers.

A model (male or female) who loves to create different original looks and likes to take on a character for a photo shoot.

A writer that would love to work with great photographers and models to illustrate their work.

A designer that is looking for a more unusual way to showcase their work.

If the answer is yes, then maybe the new Wicked Creative is for you. 

We are looking for 10 top photographers of Porn and Erotica.

In addition we are looking for 24 models. 12 male and 12 female to be our Wicked Super Models. These models will have their own pages on the blog. Only models of the highest quality will be considered for these positions.

Once every 2 months we will be holding open auditions for Wicked Models, these will get the opportunity to work with our top photographers.

What are our plans?

Initially to just create a blog that is original and creative, with quality people involved. A drama free environment for you to work in with like minded people.

Eventually we will branch out into an in world publication and website.

Official Wicked Photographers will be expected to post at least two sets a month that includes a Wicked Model, and not just the same one again and again, you will  be expected to give all the models a chance to be in a shoot. You may use models that are not on the Wicked books, but at least one must be on our staff for pictures posted on the Wicked blog. We ask that you do not flood the blog everyday, but keep to a maximum of one post per day and a minimum of two posts month, which consist of a full set or just one picture. We are looking at quality over quantity.

Writers will be asked to submit articles, fully edited and proof read and to arrange their own photographer, either through the group or an outsider (subject to approval by the editors in chief).

Models will be expected to act professionally at all times and if they have any issues with any of our photographers to speak directly to the editors in chief in person. 

Content creators may post their new creations on the blog, but keep to a maximum of two posts per week for direct advertising.  You may build a relationship with photographers on the staff to use your work within their sets and credit and information will be given on your work on each post they are used in.

We are also interested in someone that is experienced in Blogger to join the team as an editor.

This is not for you if....

You are only in the business for sex (sex is nice but we want people that act professionally)
Your avatar is not of the highest quality.
You do not edit your pictures at least to some degree.
You only take pictures of yourself and your 'of the moment lover'.

Interested, then please send a notecard to either Rachel Swallows, Lexie Jansma or Bewitched Difference, telling us about yourself, with links to your work.

Rachel, Lexie & Be
Wicked Creative.

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