Monday, 23 September 2013

Boot Boy

It was a stormy night when they met, a slave boy and his mistress. Thunder flash, lightening crashed, it seemed to reflect the storm brewing in the air between them. The hard wood floor and the cold stone walls gave a chilly feel to the room. Neither of them felt the chill though. It was all smouldering heat between the pairing. He worshipped her boots and in turn her. They were hypnotic holding his attention wherever she went. She in turned teased them and kept him in her thrall with glimpses of tall leggy leather. He kneeled before her dressed only in leather pants ready for whatever might happen this eve.
 It did not take long though before he was stripped of his leather and made to kneel at his place of worship.

He sat there looking at the hot leather as it encased her shapely calf, hugged her luscious thighs. This was sheer torture. He could not touch her with any part of himself until she gave permission for him to do so. The moments ticked by a minute turned into an hour it seemed. Hours turned into days. Days turned into weeks and into infinity. The leather creaked a bit as her leg swung casually over the arm of the throne. The command came soft and melodious her voice mellow and husky.
"Lick my boots till they shine..."
 His tongue lapped happily along the buttery leather as he made it glisten and shine with his spit. She sat watching him casually as he worked. Once they were polished to her satisfaction she began to tease him and taunt him with the shiny leather. He instantly shot to hardness feeling the heated touch of the leather against his flesh.
Her thighs clamped his head so tight he thought his head might explode. If he had to go though, what a way to go, caught between his mistresses leather encased legs.
It was getting to be a little much for him...a bit overwhelming. First the boots pressed to his cock and then her heat against his back as she wrapped her leather clad thighs around his head. He did not know how much more he could take between the mingling of the leather, her sex, and perfume.
It was to much "I am ready to explode...but I can't..." the delima was overwhelming.
She saw it cumming even before he realised it. The throb in his prick, the heave in his chest. the quickening ripple of his muscular thighs all gave him away. She sent him for a time out to sit and rest before the evenings play continued.
Caught in a thunderous flash of lightening she dropped her panties before him revealing her smooth pink heat to his roving gaze. He tried to act nonchalant about it but his throbbing cock gave him away.
The pleasure and pain mingled together and she seemed so powerful, so in control, so beautiful all of a sudden.
She smashed the skin between his balls dividing them with the toe of her boot as she leaned over him. The pain quickened through his blood blending the the sweet smell of leather and the hot scent of sex. She told him he was going to get a special treat this evening however he was not to cum till given permission.
He hugged her leg in appreciation happy to be allowed this special treat.
Little laps and kisses rained down her foot as she stood over him. Towering as her heel dug into his back.
Towering like a powerful Goddess, she pressed the heel of her boot into his tender balls as the toe of her boot rested against his throbbing and pulsing shaft. "Remember what I cumming without permission my little boot boy."
The anticipation of getting to taste her was nearly crippling.
She tasted like heaven to him. He was a starving man and his mistress was his first meal in eons. Her leather clad thighs gripped his head as he grounds his face into her slippery moist heat. The volcano between her thighs molten. Her hips bucked as she smeared him in her slippery musk. Grabbing him by his hair and yanking his head up his tongue lulled between his lips. His gaze was unfocused clouded with desire mixed with pain at nearly having his hair ripped out. A sharp command escaped her lips...
This position suited her but only for a few moments. She needed to be in control and she quickly pushed him onto his back and mounted him like a pony. The shiny supple latex of her boots rubbing along his hips and thighs.
Oh god...he was so close...should he beg for permission to cum. No she would grant it when she wanted. He could not hang on much longer no matter how hard he tried.
Things were going so well she could feel his cock throbbing and pulsing, but he was managing to control himself. He was concentrating so hard you could see it in his face. It was evident he had lost the battle as she rose up to try to stop what was literally, cumming, his hot sticky seed sprayed all over the voluptuous curve of her arse. She plunged back down on his cock her behind painted with his cum.
Having specifically told him no cumming without permission she got up grabbing him by the arm yanking him nearly dragging him off the bed. She propelled him forward as he scrambled crying out as her nails sank into the flesh of his bicep. "Lean over" he knew what was coming as he tossed himself over her leather thighs. His hard leaking cock dribbling on her leather encased thighs. She began to wale on his rounded arse.
He begged for forgiveness but she showed no mercy raising white hot welts.
She dumped him off her lap in a heap and looked down at him disgusted. Noticing the streaks of his aftercum on the black leather she strips them off and leaves them in the pile. He grips the cheeks of his arse from the tanning he received. His cheeks were crimson red and smarted. Then he caught the intoxicating scent of the leather and the lingering scent of her perfume. He felt himself throbbed and he looked around for her. She was gone like a thief in the night. Only her boots left behind.
Oh was to...much...he couldn't...stop...temptation
He quickly gathered them up placing them in the center of the room. Try as he might he could not resist his urges and began to stroke his cock. Eventually exploding all over them raining his cum over the leather emptying his fat plump cum filled balls one last time. He was after all...just a boot loving boy.

Models: Shuougun, Lexie Jansma
Location: WickeD CreativE StudioS
Photographer: Lexie Jansma

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