Thursday, 31 October 2013

Halloween Horror Nights: Ghost Diaries The Final Chapter

Rachel, Hunter, and Mels snuck off upstairs for a bit of fun on their own. They found a bedroom that looked like it would do. On the way there Rachel lost her gown somewhere on the stairs as she was stripped by her two companions to reveal her voluptuous curves. There was definitely a wild time in store for the threesome!

They could not wait to squeeze the voluptuous raven haired vixen between them.
The kissing was intense as she wiggled her naked body inbetween Hunter and Mels. First she kissed one and then the other sharing between the two. Their hands wandered all over Rachel's voluptuous curves exploring her pendulous breasts, the flare of her hips, and her sweet little honey pot. Her own hands were tangled first around Mel and then Hunter. She gave generously of her lips as she prepared to give even more.
Just a little lick...Rachel ground her sticky slit into his face....
Hunter was getting heated he stripped off his lab coat and scrub top dropping to his knees. Mel undid the belt to her sword and dropped it on the nearby floor. She supported Rachel's weight as Hunter pressed face first to taste Rachel's sweet delicious little pussy. It was as if he could not get enough. He was ravenous as he feasted on her. Mels played with Rachel's taught nipples and large breasts giving them soft little slaps and weighing them in her small hands. No one took any notice of what was going on two stories below.
It was not long before just tasting Rachel was not enough and Hunter stripped out of his Scrub pants and rammed his rock hard throbbing cock deep into her wet willing little slick cunt opening her up. She leaned heavily on Mel who supported her against her own firm breasts. Her hands teasing Rachel's nipples as she kissed along the delicate neck pushing back her raven hair. The house was slowly becoming eerily quiet but no one seemed to notice as they were so lost in their mutual coupling. Only the sounds of what was happening right then, right there, seemed to matter.
That surprise is NOT so little....
Which one to suck many options. It is hard to choose!
Mel could not wait to join in on the action. She stripped off her skirt and panties revealing the not so little secret she had been hiding. Bending down she had a little taste of Rachel from behind as the raven vixen gobbled down Hunter's cock as he fed it to her all to eagerly. Then it was time for Mel to take a dip into Rachel's pink little snatch and stretch her open. It was not long before the cocksman and cockswoman pinned the voluptuous needy little slut between them as they took turns fucking into each of her horny fuck holes. All of her weight pressing her down on the twin cocks. As they were both about to cum she begged them to feed it to her. She got down on her knees and hungrily sucked both of their hard throbbing pulsing cocks down her eager throat.
Double stuffed at both end's like one of those finger trap puzzles...only this time it was cock.
The threesome was not done yet they were still horny and decided to climb onto the rickety bed and pray that it held them up. In the haze of their lust they failed to notice the chill that entered the room when the spectre of the ghost groom appeared. Hunter impaled Rachel from behind as he fucked her face into Mel's hard throbbing shaft as it leaked precum all over the waiting hungry tongue.
They have some very haunting company!
The pair of them decided to double stuff Rachel's tight little fuck holes once again filling both her cunt and arse at the same time. She was more then willing as they set up a rhythm that drove her nuts as she ground her clit at the base of Hunter's shaft. The threesome exploded in earth shattering orgasms flooding Rachel's hot tight sticky little pink channels full of salty thick seed. The sexual energy in the room only fed the ghost groom as he rose up above them preparing to bring their world crashing down. As they sagged together was when the hair on the back of their neck started to rise up and the tingle along their spine let them know they were not alone.
You are not getting away that easily....
They ran for their lives they did not get very far though before they were stopped in their tracks. None of them had time to dress and seemed like they did not care as they ran for their lives. They encountered another ghost outside of the bedroom. This time the bride. She quickly seemed to lift Hunter off his feet and whisked him away. Rachel and Mel seeing they could do nothing fled up the nearby stairs tot eh attic looking for a place to hide.
A storm was brewing outside...Thunder was cracking...lightening was flashing....
Strung up by her pretty little neck
They thought they had escaped or gotten away. That really was not the case at all. The moment they stepped into the attic the spirits that inhabited  the house crawled out seeking to get at them. Both girls coward as the Ghost Groom stood nearby watching them biding his time. A flash of lightening and the entire place goes black in the next flash the skeleton body is gone and Rachel is strung up with the Groom floating nearby. Mel ran away up the ladder to the roof screaming hysterically.
Up...up...and away....
It was not far enough as she was caught by the Groom and pushed over the edge of the room and sent hurtling down over the edge three floors to the hearse below. The Ghost Bride awaits her arrival overlooking her handy work. Hunters lifeless body beheaded glows in the fire from the nearby pyre of the burning witch.
Welcome the Groom and his lovely Bride!
The couple stood on the porch overlooking their front yards and the bodies strewn about. They listened to the fire crackle nearby and the sizzle of flesh. No other sound could be heard and this was music to their ears. No more foolish college teens defiling their home and abusing their hospitality. If you look closely you can see the happy couple waving good bye for another year as the dawn rises and Halloween slips away. They will return again next year...maybe we will see you there...dead or is up to you!

Special thanks to the Ghost Groom & Bride: Cyomer & Tristyn Angelus!

Models: Temptress Fhang, Shuougun, Moonie, Texasrob, Sweetmelons, Rachel Swallows, Bewitched Difference, Hunter Rose, & Kain.
Location: Wicked Creative Studios
Photographer: Lexie Jansma
Furniture Provided by: !! Follow Us !!
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