Tuesday, 10 September 2013

The Dame

She walked into the joint casing the place. What was a classy married dame doing in a place like this? There was no way that she looked like she belonged. Not with that sweet face or those warm brown chocolate eyes. So what had caused her to cross over to the wrong side of the tracks? Had her family left her penniless and destitute? Had someone done her wrong? Did it even really matter...I mean here she was in this little place ready to whatever it took to get her man.
Does the pretty little dame dare go through with it...to save her husband...and their lives...
The place wasn't a complete hole in the wall as she expected. In fact she was not completely sure what to expect of the private gentleman's club. All she knew was that she has to find a way out of the trouble she found herself in.
There was a decidedly masculine feel to the place with only a few small touches of the feminine.
The enchanting brunette temptress made her way further in to all boy's club. Eyes turned to look at her from all over the room. She had attracted the attention of several of the old boys.
She could feel the presence behind her blocking out any light.
It did not take long for one of them to approach the bird on the fainting couch. She seemed to have an almost regal aloof quality that if you could just break down she would be liquid fire on the inside...a hell cat between the sheets to be tamed by the hand of a real man.
Fetch me a drink my dear...and remove your corset...
His hands were all over her without an invitation. Stripping her of her dress and leaving her in only her lacy under things. What choice did she have really? She was in a mans world right now and if she did not play along the info she needed would never be hers.
His brandy tasted funny...
He loomed over his prize menacingly...
She was nervous as he loomed over her. He was so tall...so imposing. There was no way she could stop what she was sure was about to happen. She had to get him out of his clothes though so she could get into his pockets and get his billfold where he had the photos stashed the last time she saw them.
She led him into a nearby antichamber and set herself on the table presenting herself as his prize. He eagerly stripped and knelt between her thighs savoring her sticky charms.
Others followed enjoying the the view and hearing the moans. She was not sure how far she could continue this charade. With her luck lately the drugs would not kick in quick enough and she would be forced to go through with letting him have sex with her.
She wasn't suppose to like it this much...she was just here to take care of some business.
She was a married classy dame...she wasn't suppose to get off on this having people watch her. Letting some stranger lap her hot wet little pussy. Then why was she cumming all over his face as it was buried in her lap. People had started to clear out the gentleman's club as it was getting far to late. He climbed up on the table ready for more and the look of fear on her face quickly turned to elation as he collapsed from the sleeping pills in his brandy. His pants pocket turned up nothing. In the breast pocket she found two things. The wallet and a handgun. She frantically searched the wallet, identification,  money, family photos, business cards, a card for a Detective Godde... not finding the incriminating evidence that was hidden there three days ago.
Her blood burned she took aim and prepared to fire....
Her sex glistened even as she turned from sex kitten to cold hard murderer.
All the stress of the weeks of planning and researching all for nothing. She picked up the pistol and hit him across the cheek screaming "Where are they? Where are the photo's you bastard!" Her daddy had been a cop and he had taught her how to use a gun and in that moment of heated passion she squeezed the trigger.
She tossed the gun away burnt all of a sudden. Her head quickly turning to see if anyone was around or heard the gun fire. 
Oh god...what had she done! What was she going to do? She had to get help, no she had to get out of here and find help. No one knew her name. No one knew she did it. No one knew she had come here tonight. No one knew her plan. She gathered up his clothes, his wallet, and her own and left the man cold on the table.
It looked like she would have to pay a visit to this Detective Godde to see what he knew...

Models: Belle Godde & Alon Alphaville
Extras: Cyomer Resident, twelve1212twelve Resident, Elyk Miami, Lexie Jansma, Roman Godde
Location: The Chamber

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