Saturday, 14 September 2013

American Princess

Ms. Rachel Swallows was a spoiled little daddies girl who had it all. The big fancy house where she lived with mommy and daddy. Designer clothes stuffed her closest, not just one closet, but three. An outrageously expensive and lavish car for her 16th birthday. She never had to work a day in her life, unlike her two bodyguards, who had to follow her everywhere. They were all part of her entourage. Rachel had been feeling stressed and needed to get away. She decided to get away to a tropical location alone, she usually got her way, not today. Her daddy insisted she take her bodyguards to protect her from those unsavory types. They were all to happy to accompany little Ms. Swallows on her vacay.
Now that she is 18 this little American Princess is gonna get what is coming to her....
The flight to the island was a long one and their journey was only half over. She felt like her bodyguards were sizing her up the entire time, staring at her big tits in her low cut top.
Look at those huge knockers we can't wait to get our huge cocks buried in her little fuck holes.
The spoiled little American princess was exhausted after her long journey. She went straight into the extremely lavish home that her parents had rented for her and left her bodyguards to bring in the luggage. The next night it was time to party it up and really have a good restrictions!
Wow, look at the princess slut move...hope she moves like that on our cocks.
Look at the way the slut lets him paw her like that.
She invited the international playboy back to her residence on the island fully intent on letting him have his way with her. He had already been getting real friendly the the American Princess.
The three of them sat listening to his inane blathering about himself on and on. She tried to stay attentive in the end though she had enough and sent the playboy on his way. The bodyguards so this as their chance and convinced the nieve little princess to show them her tits in exchange for seeing their hard tools.
Maybe she will give them a peak of her hot stiff nipples if they are lucky.
She was shocked by how large both her bodyguards were. Of course she had seen some of her boyfriends when they were together. However she was a good girl and watching Elyk, she thought just having the top of her dress down was daring. Her eyes were glues to Elyk's cock as he jerked it before her. They dared her to get down on her knees and try and take them both.
Her ruby red slutty lips parted for the first cock but not her last certainly.
What she lacked in skill she made up for in enthusiasm as drool fell down onto her big huge swinging tits.
Every Princess needed a pearl necklace right?

She was an enthusiastic little cum princess now smearing the white goo from both men into her breasts leaving them all shiny. They however were not done with her. The bigger of the two lifted her up and carried her into her bedroom. Tossing her on the bed they tore her dress off leaving her undressed and defenseless against their carnal cravings as they began to stuff all her wholes whether she liked it or not.
Damn this sluts tits must weight 5lbs a piece...
They fucked her and stuffed her in so many different positions she lost count. The amount of cum they pumped into her body had her dripping with it. She abandoned herself as orgasm after orgasm was ripped from her. Her inner slut took over and she gave into it working with them to get herself and them off fucking herself on her horny bodyguards hot fat dicks.
They turned her into a Chinese Cock Trap stuffing her full of thick bodyguard cock.
They double stuffed her slutty little cunt and nasty little arse.
They filled her full up till it had no choice but to leak out around their cocks leaving her dripping and sticky.
In the end the slutty little American cum princess was left with a creamy soaked arse and cunt that was gonna ache for days.
Mmm Mmm Good...she had to reach down and have a taste and then more...

All three collapsed in a sweaty pile of fuck flesh, limbs intertwined and stuck together. The newly minted Cum Princess thought about how to spend the rest of her vacation and knew she was gonna be one sore little daddy's girl when she got home.

Models: Rachel Swallows, Wolfie Silvercloud, & Elyk Miami
Extra: Silvano Korobase
Location: Dark Utopia
Photographer: Lexie Jansma

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