Saturday, 7 September 2013

Super Sleuth

It was just another day at the office for our super sleuth Roman. Another case closed, time to sit, relax, and drink. A new case on the horizon. Just the other day a new brunette bird had stopped into his office. She seemed to be casin' the place but what did he know.
There was a lot on Roman's mind right now. Nothing had seemed to go right on his last case.

Enough of that though it was time to relax, get comfortable, and stroke the flames of the fire.
Time to take the jacket off and sip cognac by the fire
Roman sat on the edge of his desk contemplating the last time he had a dame ridin' his tricky dick and seeing to his needs like a good woman should. As he thought these things he began to feel a little hot under the collar.
It is getting stuffy in here...
Damn...can't get her intoxicating perfume out of his head...
Maybe it was time to get more comfortable..the desk looked inviting. He could stretch out, lay back, and really contemplate that hot little brunette dame who had stopped by. Maybe she would be back..and he just might get lucky.
Where can our super sleuth stretch out after being cooped up?
It was to hard...something needed to be done now or he might combust...
The yearning and throbbing in our super sleuth's tricky dick was just to much. It was time to do something about it.
Roman was gonna give it to that hot brunette chickadee if she crossed the threshold of his office ever again. He was gonna undress that prim and proper little dress right off her till he had her stripped to her unmentionables. Then he was gonna bend her over his desk in only her silk stockings and garters and give her everything he has.
Oh...god...fuck...yes...cumming! never know who is watching you...
Stay tuned...

Models: Roman Godde & Belle Godde
Location: The Chamber (Study)
Photographer: Lexie Jansma

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