Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Mr Fixit ~ Staring Nak & Rachel Swallows

With a hark back to the grand old tradition of 70's Pornfilms.


The beautiful Rachel Swallows, famous pornstar and socialite has moved into her new home with her husband Crow. Whilst hes away on business it's up to her to get the house ready for his return. First on the list is sorting out the new kitchen and she calls on Mr Fixit to come and mend the range cooker. 
He is let into the luxury house and shown to the kitchen, where he gets to work on the stove, head inside the oven as he tinkers he hears a soft voice and looks up to see a long expanse of lily white thigh. 
His eyes travel up those marvelous thighs over the soft mound of a pussy barely hidden under a mini dress to the most stupendous pair of breasts hes seen in a long time.
"You must be Mr Fixit" his gaze meets a pair of piercing rose colored eyes and he instantly recognizes the raven haired beauty stood looking down at him with a soft smile on her face.
"Please to make your aquaintance Mam" he replies rising from his position kneeling on the floor, trying hard not to let his eyes roam over the milking expanse of flesh threatening to spill over the neckline of her dress which clings to every curve. "All done Ms Swallows, you should have no trouble with it now"
"How much do I owe you?" She saunters over to the table and picks up her purse.  His eyes widen in surprise and a deep grunt escapes his throat as he looks at her from behind. Her dress is completely open at the back, perfect peachy buttocks on full show, rounded and glistening in the morning light as it spills in from the windows.
How can he possible resist such an open invitation, as she searches innocently in her bag, he quickly comes up close behind her and reaches out.
He rest one big meaty hand on that firm tempting buttock and hears her gasp softly, pushing back with her hips, till his fingers dig into the generous flesh. She looks over her shoulder at him, dropping her purse back on the table and whispers throatily " Why Mr Fixit would you take advantage of a woman alone in her house when her husband is away" her voice is teasing and her eyes glitter wickedly "Please tell me you would" 
He needs no more invitation and turns her in his big powerful arms pushing her against the kitchen table and crushing his lips to hers roughly, his tongue plunging between those lush pink lips and his hands groping at her huge tits. 
He pushes his body between her endless legs, grinding his now rock hard cock into her pussy "So your just another horny slutty housewife Ms Swallows then" he growls as he grabs the neck of her dress and rips the flimsy material from her body throwing it to the ground, leaving her naked.
She moans and bites down on her lower lip as she watches him spread her thighs, her naked pussy, wet and pouting. He grins and pushes a finger into her waiting twat. ramming it in up to the knuckle, making her groan as he rotates and pumps it a few times "fuck your wet, you dying to be fucked arent you, you filthy whore?" he growls at her as he pulls his finger free and licks at her juices before bringing the palm of his hand down swiftly onto her exposed cunt with a resounding slap making her body arch in sudden stinging pain.
 "Oh fuck you brute" she cries, and then rolls back her head as he bends down and suck her clit between his teeth, biting down on it and flicking his tongue over the swollen hud firmly. "mmmm you taste like a dirty whore, my favorite flavor" his big work roughened hands roaming all over her creamy skin, smearing her with dirt and grease. Then he grunts as he grabs her and tumbles her to the floor onto her knees, "I know you want fucking you slut, but you will service me first, Ive seen you in them movies, now suck my cock like your life depends on it". He grabs a handful of her silky hair and rams his thick dark meat into the back of her throat, watching her eyes flood with tears as her breath whistles frantically through her flared nostrils.
His hips pumping rhythmically, he throat fucks her, his girth visably swelling her pale slim throat as she gags and drools, spit and precum dribbling from her stretch lips to splash on her heaving tits. "That's right, your a cumslut aren't you" he groans, his thrusts growing faster, until her throws back his head and howls, ploughing his cock balls deep into her convulsing throat and flooding her belly with streams of thick ropey cum.
 He pulls from her, and slaps his cock across her cheeks, smearing her with his spunk, grinning as he watches her swallowing it down, living up to her name.
Pulling at her hair, he pulls her up "Get on the table, you have more holes to fill, you want them all dripping with my cum don't you". She climbs on the table on trembling legs "Fuck yes, yes, please fuck me, I beg you" her voice a low hoarse moan, her throat scoured by his dick. He parts her quivering arse cheeks and spits on her puckered hole, leaning in to poke the tip of his tongue in her arsehole. Swirling it around, "I am going to rip your ass apart, you want that don't you? Tell me you want me to rip your dirty fuckhole to pieces"
She looks over her shoulder at him, her eyes dark, full of twisted lust at his brutal use of her "Make me scream" she cries as his rough hands pull her down, bending her over and without reservation, impales her on his cock and god does she scream! The glass in the windows almost shattering.
She cries out in a mixture of pain and pleasure as his fat prick stretches and tears the delicate muscles of her ring, her tits slamming into the table as he starts to pump, his balls slapping against her swollen clit "shit!" she sobs, beyond words now.
 His spunk smearing her lips as she pants, "fuck fuck fuck, sweet lord, fill me!"
Each of her words broken by a cry as her body bunches and she rides a massive orgasm, as it sweeps through her "I'm cuming" she cries as her cunt explodes and her arsehole convulses around his dick, her juices squelching as his cumsack slaps against her sodden slit.
 "oh yes Bitch!" he grunts like an animal, not giving up on his relentless pounding "I got plenty more for your greedy cunt" slapping her quivering arse till it glows, before digging his fingers in the luscious cheeks and pulling free from her gaping ring to squirt his hot load over those peachy orbs, his spunk almost sizzling on her heated flesh.
As she collapses down, he pants at her "don't think I've finished yet slut. one more hole to fill", throwing her over onto her back on the table, thrusting between her creamy shivering thighs and thrusting his still pulsating dick in her cunt, slamming into her cervix, his fingers digging cruely into her massive tits, pinching at her engorged nipples as he plunders her "come on whore, beg me to fill that sodden cunt, jesus your so wet, you fucking love this don't you".
She writhes beneath him "fuck yes, I'm a cumslut, please, more cum, I want it dripping from all my orifices, use me, fuck use me" she screams like a banshee on crack.
They are both that overcome with the hot raw sex, they don't even notice the blonde quietly slipping from the laundry room. Be had been listening on the other side of the door, neither of them aware of her presence as she watched them, pleasuring herself, enraptured by the sexy scene that played out before her. As she sensed them coming to the end, she quietly creeps from the kitchen, a smile on her face, storing her knowledge for a later date.
She grins as she hears Mr Fixit grunt once more and knows  Rachel's cunt is being filled to overflowing with his seed. She hers her crying out and moaning. "God that filthy slut, just can't get enougth" she mutters to herself as she wanders upstairs to her bedroom.

To be continued


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