Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Breedin' Bull...Later that Afternoon

Ya' know what I am back at the ranch...I'mma Breedin' Bull...
Today had been a hot sweaty sticky day at the ranch. The sap had been runnin' high for Breedin' Bull Tristyn. He couldn't help it. That fine filly of a ranchers daughter seemed to haunt his every waking moment. So much so that he had to take matters into his own hands while doing his chores. After he had finished up his work he had returned to his stall and tried to get everything under control.

It didn't last long and his nose was twitching and his cock was hard and dripping as the barn doors opened. Her scent alerting him to her closeness long before she had gotten there. Not even the scent of sweaty horse flesh could over take her sweet, enchanting, charming scent that made his bull cock hard like a rock and his big fat bull balls leak.
Lord almighty she was the sexiest filly on the entire ranch. All he wanted to do was make her his. Show her exactly what a breedin' bull was good for. She would be sore for weeks if he had his way and let his bestial nature come out. He did not want to scare her though. A few deep breaths and he slowly turned to look at her in all her glory. The golden afternoon light spilling in behind her setting off her fiery locks.
Her tits looked as if they were ready to pop out of the little gingham top she wore tied under them. The worn denim shorts looked as if only a few strings were holding them together. A sheen of sweat glistened on her dewy skin from her out riding all morning and afternoon long. She was in for the shock of her life as Tristyn turned around revealing himself and his need more fully to her.
She had never seen one so large in her entire life and she had been around horses since she could remember. But he wasn't a horse...he was a breedin' bull.
Hey girly...why don't you show me what you are workin' with and show me them tits. He was almost crass about it. But it made her tingle.
She had never felt such desire rush unabashedly through her straight to her loins. Her body seemed to be reacting to his animal magnetism. She stepped closer in his direction. Tristyn was practically licking his chops like the wolf who ate the canary salivating over his prey moving closer. His nostrils flared and he huffed his chest filling out as his cock bobbed and weaved and his prebull seed leaked from his shaft onto the hay below.
His hand came up to grip his shaft to stop from exploding all over her as she leaned against the nearby fence. Her top was pulled back exposing her full luscious jugs to the Breedin' Bull. His tongue darted out to lick his lips as he salivated over the finest filly on the inches a few inches away, almost his. He just had to continue the mating dance with her and he was sure that she would be his. It was just a matter of time. Screw the job and being fresh on the ranch. He had to have her here and NOW.
Why don't you take those shorts of girly your Breedin' Bull that pretty pouty pussy and sweet little arse.
Before she knew what was happening she had a mouthful of Breedin' Bull cock.
Her mouth was suddenly dry. He followed her line of site and she seemed transfixed by the throbbing leaking shaft before her. "Why don't you have a taste of my Breedin' Bull cock little darlin' wet that whistle? You know you want to." She did want to. She was drawn to him like she had no other. Her juices glistened on her thighs evidence of her arousal Pink pouty lips wrapped around his fat head it filled her mouth completely and made her jaw ache. He tried to be gentle, it just wasn't his strong suit and rammed forward gripping her shimmery red locks making her gag holding it in her throat. Hips a blur he fucked her face bruising her lips till he was sure he would explode all over her pretty face. But Breedin' Bulls don't waste their precious seed and he was determined to do his job.
He bent her over and told her to grab the stall and brace herself for what was about to come.
Her shrieks of pleasure pain as she was spitted on his huge shaft as it rammed deep without care scared the nearby horses.
Breedin' Bull dick throbbed deep in the rancher daughter's tight little snatch as she was speared open. Her nails raking against the wood of the pink. She tried to spread her thighs apart to take as much of that hot fuck pole deep into her. He was leaking like a faucet. Her grunted as he sunk it deeper and deeper overcoming barrier after barrier and pushed deeper then she knew someone could go. His bull seed leaked out of her onto his balls and dripped between their spread thighs. His hands holding her in place so she could not escape. Her breasts swung with every punching pounding thrust. He was now just a rutting beast and she quivered beneath him.
He wanted to get more comfortable keeping her spitted on his throbbing bull cock he carried her over to the nearby bales of hay.
It is to is to big...she can't take it all she will go nuts if he keeps drilling her not giving her any respite from the brutal onslaught.

Tits jiggled with each powerful thrust as he tried to fuck his way through her. She thought he might try to drill a hole through her back as he pinned her in place. Her cries getting louder with every thrust as he sought to make her shriek. It was sheer pleasure the way her tight slick walls gripped and clinged to his shaft milking his hot fat shaft as it rammed deep. Heaven did not come even close...nirvana maybe. He knew he was not going to last longer the way she spasmed around him her pussy begging for every drop of hot bull seed deep inside of her. Her taught luscious little arse bouncing off his lower abs.
She slammed herself down on his bulging prick feeling it bulge out her pink pussy to obscene proportions.
He thought if he let her ride him for a bit that it might prolong thing. Her walls ached and as she sunk down on him her toes curled in her boots as more and more of his shaft filled her taking possession of her luscious body as it throbbed inside of her sending jets of hot sticky fertile breedin' bull seed deep into her. His hands played of her thighs and arse watching his cock disappear into her slippery little hungry fuck hole.
There was only so much cum her body could absorb and the rest leaked out under her forming a puddle of Breedin' Bull cum.
He NEEDED to be back in control and try as he might he could not get the leverage he wanted and so lifted her up on the edge of the bails of hay and plunged bull balls deep in her slippery snatch. She felt them slapping her arse beating them till her cheeks blushed crimson. Her eyes rolled back in her head as she panted and grasped needy for air. Her entire body burned and ached. Her cunt throbbed and pulse. She was so near to cumming all over his cock she couldn't stand it. Her head whipped from side to side. Crimson tresses sticking to back and shoulders as she screamed to the high heavens. Her heels and screams driving him mad and wild with passion as he rutted into her animalistically.
There was just to much...the flow just wouldn't stop
It was to much for both of them. They clung to one another the Breedin' Bulls nostrils flaring as he took in the scent of the filly he was rutting into her.His neck and shoulders bulged and veins jumped out pulsing as he pinned her in place so she couldn't get away from the onslaught of cum that was about to be slammed full force into her. It took her breath the first throbbing pulse and jet. There was just too much as gush after gush slammed into her it started to leak out. He pulled out hosing her down with his thick seed leaving her sticky as they collapsed together trying to catch their breath together.

Models: Tristyn Angelus (Tristynangel) & Lexie Jansma
Photographer: Lexie Jansma
Location: Wicked Creative Studios

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