Thursday, 21 November 2013

*BREAKING NEWS* Ancient Mosaics Found Beneath Ancient Temple in Rome *BREAKING NEWS*

Archeologist digging beneath an ancient temple in the city of Rome have unearthed a fantastic fine! Intricate mosaic tile images depicting ancient citizens of Rome and their life. This stunning archeological fine could revolutionize not only the art world but also the scientific world in how we think about these antiquated cultures.
The ancient city has been beset by hungry lions from the wilderness. They have killed several citizens. Now the hero's have been called to action.
A team of archeologists and art preservationists are working diligently to preserve the mosaics. Many of them are severally damaged with cracks, missing tiles, and broken pieces. They hope to be able to study these ancient works and one day display them in museums around the world.
Our hero, Aries, is undaunted by such a monumental task!
Historians are calling this the greatest artistic and archeological find since the uncovering of the ancient city of Pompeja in the early 1800's. At that time a crazy for all things exotic swept the world and a fascination with art and objects from ancient civilizations held the world in their thrall.
The lone weary journey home gives Aries much time to think about the simple things in life he enjoys.
There has been no official carbon dating done at this time. Officials are still collecting samples for testing. They hope to find even more of the ancient mosaics which were a popular artistic expression brought from Rome's Ottoman roots.
The conquering hero returns home triumphant!
The importance of the fine can not be stressed enough as nothing of this nature has ever been found. A series of images depicting a day and life of an early Roman Citizen. Yes he had to have some wealth to commission such work possibly a great war hero of some sorts from the first peak at the mosaics.
Even a hero must find time to relax after a long day of saving the city!
Both historians and art historians can learn a great deal from these images including what the homes were like, furnishings, lifestyles, and attitudes of the time. Only a rare select few have set eyes on the actual mosaics as they are being kept under tight wraps during their preservation.
Aries lurks in the shadow over looking his garden court yard.
An ancient roman god emerging into the sun.
From grainy photos taken of some of the work it would seem that some of the ancient Romans enjoyed a lavish comfortable lifestyle. They also faced great natural perils that we no longer face. It was important to embrace life, passion, and fun when and where one could.
The conquering hero claims his prize.
To the victor go the spoils!
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Models: Tymonalexander
Extra's: Cyomer Resident, Lexie Jansma
Location: Rome -Isle of Pandateria
Photographer: Lexie Jansma

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