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WickeD CreativE ~ Fashion Review


XDollZ is a new venture by Fyre Furst and her new Partner Sugar Falta
Fyre owns the famous Hybridz store, where she has been supplying the latex fetish needs of SL for many years, with her Latex Doll avatars and other other related nawtiness. The collection of high fashion latex clothing in XDollZ, is stunning, with beautiful texturing and innovative designs. What I call Haute Fetish.

Fyre & Miss Sugah

Rachel: How long have you been designing clothes in SL?

Miss Sugar: Actually I have only been designing clothes for a year. It has been a fast learning curve but I have enjoyed every moment.   My former years of texture creating certainly helped.

Fyre: I have been working on clothes and latex textures for around 5 years, but actually creating in Secondlife for 6 years.

Rachel: What made you to start creating?
Miss Sugar: Well started with furniture and textures because the sort of things I wanted weren't available in SL. So I thought - "Ok I can't buy it so I'll darn well make it myself!" I did that for about 7 years. I pulled a lot of hair out during that time - but the journey was worth it! 

Fyre: When I first arrived in SL I was amazed at the things I saw, so I let my imagination run free and decided I could make a contribution to SL clothing and made what what the things that I liked to wear, which is what I would encourage any new creator here to do "make what you enjoy" :).

Rachel: Why latex?

Fyre: I was fascinated in how to get a realistic looking latex look in SL and of course it is very nice to wear here and look at.

Miss Sugar: Hmmm well.... shall we say.. fetish clothes suit my RL lifestyle.. and we'll leave it at that... *winks*

Rachel: What inspires your creations?

Fyre: Where does anyones inspiration come from?, maybe Ideas are constantly circulating in the ether around us, and they choose us rather than us creating or choosing them!!.

Miss Sugar: Erm...Marijuana! Can you tell?

Rachel: If you could take someone from rl to model your fashions,who would it be?

Miss Sugar: Oh it would have to be the wonderful fetish model Masuimi Max .. look her up on Google and you'll see what I mean....

Fyre: I would have to say either Bettie Page or Dita Von Tease.

Rachel: What plans for the future?

Fyre: To bring the very best that Mesh and texturing can offer the SL fetish community, and anyone else who enjoys the look and feel of latex, after all Latex isn't just for Christmas, it is for life, winks :).

Miss Sugar: Well I want to continue to bring high quality mesh and textures to our hmm ... 'underground community' .. But my wonderful customers are always giving me new ideas to think about.. so watch this space!

The Clothes, The Latex, The Fetish, The Yumminess.

XDollZ Jagdea Corset *Cheetah*
This beautiful latex corset comes in a multitude of luxurious patterns, with detailed bows, lace and ties, its doesnt come with appliers yet, but damn it was worth me tucking my puppies away to wear.

XDollZ Domina Latex Skirt.
The texturing on this skirt makes it really stand out above the rest, once I had it on I just didn't want to take it off and the only other accessories I needed was a nice leather riding crop. 'Look out Crow!'.

XDollZ Mini Corset
This burlesque style corset also comes in lot of colours, perfect for tantalizing your lover on a dance pole.

XDollZ Sugah Skulls Catsuit
A skin tight mesh catsuit, again lots of choice of patterns, great for cosplay.

XDollZ Strapped Latex Dress
This is just sex on legs..omg!

XDollZ Panel Underbust Corset.
Time to get the boobies out in this lovely underbust latex Corset, all that smoking latex got me so excited, I had to relieve the tension a little. This one comes in a lovey selection of vintage style patterns.

My thanks to Fyre and Miss Sugar for their time.

Photography and Fashion Model Rachel Swallows.
Wicked Creative Studios

Last Minute update ~ Latest Release

Lace & Spiked Corset set: includes Mesh corset, gloves and collar, in highly detailed textured latex.

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