Monday, 19 August 2013

Cyomer at The Hotel California

It was a little run down joint far outside of town in no wheresville. A local watering hole. It was late when the well dressed stranger walked in looking for a cheap thrill...a little action. The place was empty though, not a soul for miles it seemed. What was a guy on the prowl and looking for something to wet his whistle suppose to do?

Does the jukebox even work anymore?

Well if the jukebox wouldn't play nothing but some old tune's from the beach boys atleast Cyomer could wet his whistle from all the road dust.

Maybe an ice cold beer and a ciggie would calm Cyomer down.

He thought a cold drink and a smoke would satisfy his more animalistic hungers. But they did nothing more then to increase the throb of his cock in his pants. No one was around...who was gonna see?

Looks like the clothes are coming off at an alarming rate.

Trying to find some place quiet.

Anyone could see by the bulge in his briefs that he had to do something about the monster trapped in beneath the thin cotton. 

Maybe there was a private room upstairs?

It wasn't long at all before his boxers slipped down revealing his hot fat cock throbbing for attention. He was nervous someone might walk in at any moment. His other needs and urges far outweighed those though. 

The couch looked comfortable, but it put Cyomer's back to the door.

His hard dicked problem's were not going away.
He finally had enough. It was time to strip of the wife beater and stretch out and just enjoy himself. If someone came in...fuck it! They were gonna get an eye full. 

Fuck it...let anyone who wants to watch.

It looks like Cyomer could use some help down at The Hotel California...would you care to join him and help him out maybe? Looks like he is ready to head upstairs...just waiting on you to arrive.

Model: Cyomer 
Photographer: Lexie Jansma

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