Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Bball Boy

It was early on a warm summer day when Jack Frost decided to hit the courts to work off a little steam. He had been pent-up for awhile now. No outlet for all the excess energy coursing through his body. It was only a matter of time before it exploded out of him some way, best to be on the court.
Taking it to the line!

 Jack certainly has the moves...
He jumps...he shoots...he scores!
Things were getting a little hot in his hoodie. Maybe it was time to take a little break and cool down.
Even off the court he has the moves
Jack's little workout had done nothing to relieve his stress. If anything it had pumped him up even more. He could feel himself practically leaking in his basketball shorts. They honestly hide nothing especially the fat bulge. He skimmed out of his shorts and pulled down his boxers ready to take care of some business.
Jack hopes no one comes by for an early game of pick-up
Being so nasty out in public had him hard in an instant.
This looks like a job for two hands
Jack's legs were getting weak he was so close to getting off he had to take a seat to finish the job.
Some times it feels so good you have to moan!
It did not take but a few minutes to hit pay dirty as Jack began to spurt all over his abs.
Oh shit! Here it cums!
He quickly used his wifebeater to clean up the sticky mess and got the hell out of dodge.

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