Saturday, 19 April 2014

Wicked Creative First Gallery Post

A selection of wonderful pics from our flikr group, thank you to every one that contributed.

Bewitched Difference

Wicked 24 Super Model & CEO

 First with have Be an amazing photographer and my best friend.


Wicked 24 Super Model

Photographer Bewitched Differance

Dorza Magic

Wicked Photographer

The lovely and sweet Dorza, always a burst of colour.

Domino Dupre

Wicked Photographer

Dominio's photo's always make me smile

 Dominic Jordan Dawes

Wicked 24 Super Model

Mr Dawes did the most amazing set with Kirsten Smith and one of yours truly in an interesting position

Colleen Criss

Wicked 24 Super Model

Colleen  is just so sexy, a great friend and my partner at Busted of course.

Kei Frequency

I was so happy when Kei asked me to model for her, this portrait she did of me just bowled me over, such amazing detail.

Rachel Swallows

Wicked Photographer & Owner

And not forgetting myself, I just love taking pics and making poses, there are not enough hours in the day.

*Ours* Dominic Dawes, Crow Mistwalker & Rachel
*Leapfrog* Mr Dai, Be & Rachel
*Into The Fir* Rachel Swallows
*British Summer* Crow Mistwalker & Laura Audebarn

Thank you for looking and please add Wicked and dont forget to check out the flikr group for more pics.

Love Rachel

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