Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Breedin' Bull

Ya' know what I am back at the ranch...I'mma Breedin' Bull...
 Tristyn Angelus was just a young Breedin' Bull who had started at the ranch. He did not mind the hard work and enjoyed workin' up a fine sweat after a hard days labor of breedin' bull duties. Something...or more to the point someone had been botherin' him lately. He woke up this morning and left his stall to start his mornin' work with a lot on his mind and a hefty load in his bull balls.
It is a good day to be a Breedin' Bull down on the ranch!
He set on the horses paddock and enjoyed the morning sun as it rose and warmed his smooth hide and young compact form. Tristyn was a fine piece of flesh brought to the ranch for the purpose of over seein' all the other animals on the farm. It is what Breedin' Bulls do...leading the pack ya' know...showin' em how it's done. He was eager to show one filly how it was done.
Time to get to the morning chores...
There was alot of work that had to be done today and he couldn't waste time distracted. The hay had been so warm in his stall and the dreams so vivid. He had woken up with an ache in his hard bull cock and balls. He was leaking all over the place. It was a miracle that he managed to stuff it into his jeans.
He opened up the pen to allow the horses out to head to the barn to get groomed and taken care of. Leaning his head against the gate trying to suppress the throbbing in his jeans.
As he leaned against the brick giving into his thoughts that is when he caught a wiff of her scent. She must be riding nearby, the ranchers daughter. She was a fine filly in need of a good breedin' from a breedin' bull and he was a blue ribbon breedin' bull...he had won many a best in show at the state fair. That is why the rancher had chosen him to head up his outfit. He just had to get out of these jeans and let the fresh air cool him down.
Where was a filly when ya needed her?
He sat near some of the animals he held dear letting the morning sun bake his body. It was not easy being a bull...especially not on this ranch. Everywhere he went it reminded him of the ranchers daughter. Even the red of the horse blanket behind him reminded him of her glorious cinnamon tresses blowing in the breeze. He was slowly going nuts he had to get out of there.
One last look the horses seemed fine in the corral.
Hiding in the shadows unable to fight the urge...
There was no escape as he stood in the shadows. His bull cock rising up as he contemplated the things he would do to the ranchers daughter if he got his hands on her. He hoped it was only a matter of time.
The sap was runnin' high as his bull cock leaked
Even Breedin' Bulls get that dreamy far away look
He was ready to blow his horns right off his head in frustration. This Breedin' Bull just had to do something about the ache in his meat. 
It was better then nothin' what was a breedin' bull suppose to do? Suffer!
Oh yeah! That felt helped to relieve just a bit of the tension. Any little bit helped though. As he stroked his fat bull cock the amount of bull seed leaking increased. There it was again her scent. His knee's went weak as he inhaled her musk, her perfume. She must be really close. He could not help himself as his knee's buckled.
The grass felt so good on his knees as he continued to slide his hand up and down on his hot bull shaft as it throbbed in pleasure. As his fantasies grew more feral about what he would do if he bent that fine little filly over a bale of hay in his stall he had to stretch out in the grass.
Ready to Burst!
His hips bucked up and pumped into the air from the grass as if the invisible were riding a wild stallion, breaking it in. Or better yet a wild breedin' bull who needed to get the job done. He huffed and puffed as heat seemed to roll off him and the noises he made were wild and animalistic. The Breedin' Bull had kicked in and he rutted into his hand jack hammering his hips off the ground. He was so close. He sniffed the air looking for the filly if she was nearby she was going to get jumped NOW. Luckily for her she was no where near. It was that time as his big cum filled bull balls exploded.
Leakin' all over
Even as he stood up his heavy cum filled bull balls were emptying themselves all over the earth, seeding it. His cock throbbed and pulsed with each sticky jet. He stood like the proud Breedin' Bull he was. A job well done!
Don't touch the hat unless your ready for a surprise
Remember to save a horse...ride a Breedin' Bull. Ya'll cum back now ya here for more excitin' times down at the ranch with Breedin' Bull Tristyn.

Model: Tristyn Angelus (TristynAngel)
Photographer: Lexie Jansma
Location: Wicked Creative Studios

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