Sunday, 8 December 2013

Sunset Beach

Staring Crow Mistwalker & Lara

Photographer Rachel Swallows

WickeD CreativE StudioS

The lovely Lara came to WickeD CreativE StudioS to commission a photoshoot, she looked very exotic lying on the beach, enjoying the sun as it started to set over the horizon.

Of course Crow was on hand to keep my delightful model entertained as I took the pictures and he couldn't resist getting a little closer to eye up the dusky beauty as she posed.

It wasn't long before he persuaded her that maybe he could show her the ins and outs of being a pornstar, as he admired her bountiful body.

After a full initiation into the pornstar world, Lara was only too happy to accept a position with WickeD CreativE Studios

So welcome Lara and I hope you have lots more fun with us.

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